A Guide to Wizards of the World  (Hardback Book) - 49p delivered (instead of £4.99) @ Waterstones !

A Guide to Wizards of the World (Hardback Book) - 49p delivered (instead of £4.99) @ Waterstones !

Found 2nd Apr 2008Made hot 2nd Apr 2008
Use code CC2007 to reduce the price from £4.99 to just 49p inc FREE delivery

Synopsis : Much may be learned by the aspiring student of wizardology through the study of others. I have, therefore, gathered together the lore of wizards from the four corners of the Earth - the knowledge of ancient masters, the wisdom of mysterious shamans, the magic of the wisest sages and others besides - so that the true lamp of learning may be kept alight in the hearts of the apprentices everywhere.

Includes an entertaining card game with 24 cards so young apprentices can test their own and their friends' knowledge of wizards and their special attributes.


Done! Excellent find.
What else can the code be used for?

Nice one - Thanks Edi. :thumbsup:


Thanks. ordered.:thumbsup:

8% Quidco too!

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Nice one - Thanks Edi. :thumbsup:

Thanks Bookie

Credit to alisona @ MSE for the pointer !


Done! Excellent find.What else can the code be used for?

Not sure.. code says : 49p Wizardology

oops,,,, not many left in stock guys - said 10 when i went in

thanks just ordered

Thankyou just ordered.

:thumbsup:Excellent find- ordered!

Thanks - ordered! :-)

I got this book free when i pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Waterstones. I've never read it yet (by that i mean i've never read this book, of course i've read Harry Potter - Awesome books).

Good find, thanks

Bargain, have ordered :thumbsup:

link unavailable now. page keeps locking out:thinking:

Thank you

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GOOOOOOOD find edi

Thanks, as always


8% Quidco too!

I know we're all keen on here but quidco on 49p you gotta laugh :lol:

There should be hundreds of these lying around so should stay in stock...Waterstones have had thousands to shift since they decided to give them away free with Harry Potter!


£4.99 - List price: £10.99 - You save: £6.00Availability : Usually de … £4.99 - List price: £10.99 - You save: £6.00Availability : Usually despatched within 24 hoursStock : 10+



You have to use the code to get the price down.

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Its £4.99.. use the code in OP to cut the price to 49p

Worked fine for me

Thanks OP - heat and rep added

Can the code be used on any book or is it just this one ?

ordered for my little aspiring witch!!!


Can the code be used on any book or is it just this one ?

i tried using it on something else but it wouldnt work


8% Quidco too!

8% ? Thats magic !

Ordered. Heat added. :thumbsup:


just ordered...thanks Edi!!

not bad, only bought it because its cheap and may be a good present in a pinch, at least I havent wasted as much as usual!

Blinding spot Edi :thumbsup:

Thanks, have just ordered.
Order details as follows:

Goods have yet to be received from suppliers
Sub total £4.99
Discount £4.50
Shipping £0.00
Total £0.49

Great price even if I do have to wait.



Nice deal mate !

Just edited to say I am placing the order now, fingers crossed, not my luckiest day this wednesday

nice find just ordered.

Bugs - i forgot quidco!

Whats the betting that they cancel them all at that price and tell us its a mistake somewhere

Brilliant if we get it tho

Scorching deal :thumbsup: thanks edi

ordered, excellent little treat for my nephew ;-)

Cheers mate!

Excellent, bought it with 49p of points from my waterstone's card Great find!
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