A Hat In Time [PC/Steam] - £13.45 @ GMG

A Hat In Time [PC/Steam] - £13.45 @ GMG

Found 7th Apr
Good price for this great platform game, activates on Steam.
Apply discount code: DISCO22

Alternatively the GOG version is very cheap if purchased via a Russian VPN (approx £5). It's updated less frequently and lacks access to the Steam Workshop, fortunately mods are now being posted on Nexus.
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Waiting for this to be reduced on ps4.
Looks like a fun game and I would be happy paying this price. Hopefully the PS4 version follows suit.
Looks like it has the charm and soul that Yooka-Whatever was missing.
gemvis2 h, 44 m ago

Waiting for this to be reduced on ps4.

Ditto for the Xbone.
Moustache Girl go away
Lowest price I've seen, I'm really tempted now! Heat added
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