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Laptops New and Used eg HP ENVY x360 Convert 13.3" 2 in 1 Laptop - Intel Core i7, 512 GB SSD REFURB-A £498.61 @ Currys_Clearance / eBay

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in order of price and (possibly) how quickly you can get through a season of Football Manager

Samsung Book2 pro 360 i7 - Opened – never used £713.97

HP ENVY x360 i7 - New £699.97

LENOVO IdeaPad 3i 15.6" Laptop - Intel® Core™ i7 Opened – never used £594.15

MICROSOFT 13" Surface Pro 8 i5 - Opened – never used £594.12

HP ENVY 13-ba1565sa 1TB SSD - "very good" refurb £550.33

and the one that is tempting me...
HP ENVY x360 i7 - Opened – Grade A refurb £498.61
eBay More details at eBay

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    Airpods pro 1st gen price looks not too bad (£169.15) only a damaged box though I've just ordered the 2nd gen now. Heat added (edited)
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    8gb windows 10 not enough
    8GB RAM is plenty if you use it for day to day things. If you do a lot of gaming, rendering, CAD, programming then it would still be able to handle it a bit but would run smoother with 16GB at least
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    Please are HP laptops any better these days? My first two laptops were HPs and I promised myself never to get one again cos they both came with factory defects. Despite sending them back to HP they claimed nothing was wrong. By way these were two different laptops at different times.
    I've been using a HP laptop for months and love it, and I know someone who has had the same HP laptop for years with no issues (aside from it now being years old hardware).

    The build quality on the 2 I've encountered recently are surprisingly good. Although 2 laptops isn't much to base an opinion on.
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    Just wait for 20%off over Christmas
    Currys don’t often participate in this though now.
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    Where did you get "opened never used" from on the one you like? Just says grade A refurbished afaict
    I must be seeing things - thanks for flagging (I have amended the description)
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    8Gb Ram for this price is mind-blowingly stupid.

    8Gb RAM on these soldered RAM units is planned obsolescence. It's as simple as that. Do not buy these products, it only encourages the manufacturers!

    8GB RAM was standard on mid-range laptops around 10 years ago, its completely crazy that they are still making new non-upgradable devices now to the same standards. It's akin to the iPhones which were still being released with 16GB Internal Memory when the cost of the physical parts for an upgraded version would be £10-20.

    Yes 8GB is fine for most light/average use cases, but so is a 10 year old laptop with a new battery installed for £150-200.
    "Do not buy these products, it only encourages the manufacturers!".

    I'm 100% with you on that one.

    "8GB RAM was standard on mid-range laptops around 10 years ago,"

    Laptop's which had 8GB RAM on it in 2012 odd, would have basically been top end laptop's, and suchlike's, basically, right?

    So, not exactly what I'd call 'standard issue', or whatever? (not by a longgggggg shot).

    I recall buying a fresh laptop in either 2010, or in 2011?, either way, it had that 8GB RAM in it that you're referring too (bought it as a custom job, via a PC Fair, etc), but I STILL paid a frigging fortune for it!

    Put it this way, 4GB RAM was still commonplace in the 'system', even as close to us now, as barely 5 Year's back, or so? - unless of course, you were someone already along the line's of a 'power user' of one ilk or another, basically?
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    This one is out of stock now. Shame it's 8GB only, as it's fixed on these, HP seems to do this a lot, maybe the i5 version is better value as a result - meant to be OLED displays on these.
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