A MUST-HAVE app for 2 iPhone/iPad (or a mix) users - Tango Remote Control Music Player HD FREE

A MUST-HAVE app for 2 iPhone/iPad (or a mix) users - Tango Remote Control Music Player HD FREE

Found 1st Oct 2010
I've been a member of HUKD for years, and am fortunate enough to own 2 iPhones. I was looking around online for ages to find a useful app that would allow me to remotely control 1 iPhone by using the other. There are a few app's that claim to do this but NONE I have do it as well as Tango & best of all it's FREE (yes sold at no cost!!!). If you've ever wanted to put your iPhone onto a speaker docking station & then wanted to change tracks or the playlist etc... this app is for you it does all this & more. It works of the wifi connection so as long as both your devices are linked into the same wifi connection you can control 1 iPhone with the other (brilliant). I couldn't see any posts online for this so I hope someone finds this post useful. Here's some extra info on it ...

★★★★★ Access your iPod Music remotely! ★★★★★ Tango Remote gives you remote access to your iPod Music. Search, select and play, or shake your device to change tunes – right from wherever you are, without having to go back to your device. Similar to Apple's Remote except Tango controls your iPod Music. Learn why you should download this App today!

★★★★★ Tango requires 2 devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)...it takes 2 to Tango! iOS4 Multi-tasking support coming soon in v2.1 upgrade! ★★★★★

★ Featured in “New and Noteworthy”, What’s Hot, and in the top 25 for Music apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad ★

Awesome ★★★★★
“Must have. Remote songs and volume from the patio and never get up. Works just fine via the stereo system. Way cool.”
- Sunscreen45

Thank you - an iPhone app that is actually useful! ★★★★★
“I had a question for the developer so I emailed tech support and they got back to me right away. Turns out this is a very useful app and well worth $2.99. I've been controlling my apartment’s music from the iPhone in my pocket without having to walk over to the iPad that is playing the music. With just a shake of the phone, the song changes, or I can choose which song it changes to. I can't wait to show this off at my next party!
- iricknyc

Okay, so you’re having a party on Saturday night and the closest thing you have to a regular stereo is your iPod. Thankfully, you have a docking station for it, so you can have music. After all, what’s a party without music?

You’re not particularly looking forward to always running to change songs or playlists, though. What if you happen to be talking to that cute someone special when something needs to be done with the tunes?

You need Tango Remote Music Player HD. This little beauty is going to make your iPod and iTunes listening experience free and easy. Tango will remotely control the music that is playing on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in ways you’ve never seen before.

Access all of the songs in your music library, see a queue of songs that are going to play, work with your playlists and more. Come to think of it, maybe you should create a new playlist for your party. You can do it right from where you’re sitting.

With Tango Remote Music Player HD, you can listen to all of your iTunes playlists, back to back and nonstop, if you want to. The app moves seamlessly from one to the other. Can’t decide? Then check the queue to see what tunes are coming up. You can always just select another song or playlist or even give your device a shake to skip to the next song. Yes, this is all done remotely from whatever comfy spot you prefer.

It doesn’t matter which two devices you’re using, could be iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any combination. Just make sure that both have Tango installed and are using the same Wifi network and router and you’re set to go. Bluetooth connections are also supported.

Fantastic Tango Remote Music Player HD features:

Note: Everything can be done either locally or remotely

♪ Access and control all of your iPod music remotely
♪ Search your library via artist, song title, album or genre
♪ Just select a song and it starts playing
♪ Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, with one device playing, the other acting as the remote. Just install Tango on both devices
♪ Play all of your playlists in continuous play sequence
♪ Remotely create a playlist – add tunes, move them, etc.
♪ Advanced caching techniques stores song info and album artwork
♪ Audio scrubbing
♪ Password protection

What are waiting for? Grab your own Tango Remote Music Player HD and untie yourself from music device. Freedom is available just by clicking the Buy App button.

YouTube demo: tinyurl.com/tan…deo


Original Poster

why the cold votes? this app is FREE and has been for ages. the app works perfectly so why the -ve votes? it does as it says on the tin ... why can't cold voters be forced into writing comments as to why they've voted cold before the cold vote is accepted?

agree mate, it free what more do people want.

It might be free, but to pretty much 99% of people its just another useless app.

If you have a iMac or a iPad then the official apple remote app for your iPhone does the same thing, which is also FREE, while also being official.

This app would only be useful to people who have 2 iPhones, realistically do you want an app on your phone which allows you to change the music on your other phone?

Original Poster

I do not understand the logic of some HUKD'ers. This app is FREE and does what its designed to do which NO other FREE app can do on iTunes

The previous poster mentions if you have an iMac or iPad you could do the same thing? BUT my post was for individuals who had 2 iPhones!

Why would you use such an app? If you have 1 iPhone in a docking station & need to remotely change the music from anywhere in the house (within the wifi network) you can do so. Change the mood at the press of a button.

Waste of time posting if members can't read what the app is actually designed for but then be -ve over it! I'm not saying its perfect but to vote a deal cold without even using the app?

This app is for users with 2 iPhone's who have 1 plugged into a docking station that want to remotely change music/playlists from 1 iPhone to the other.


.... realistically do you want an app on your phone which allows you to … .... realistically do you want an app on your phone which allows you to change the music on your other phone?

I sure do
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