A range of fox's bisquits down to 43p at Asda
A range of fox's bisquits down to 43p at Asda

A range of fox's bisquits down to 43p at Asda

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Fox's Butter Crunch Crinkles (250g)
Fox's Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams (200g)
Fox's Ginger Crunch Creams (200g
Fox's Ginger Crunch Crinkles (250g)
Fox's Golden Crunch Creams (200g)
Fox's Jam Ring Sandwich Creams (150g)
Fox's Malted Milk Cream (200g)
Fox's Nice Cream (200g)
Fox's Party Rings (125g)
Fox's Rich Tea Creams (200g)


I know it has no relevance... But does anyone else wonder why they use an animated Panda to advertise Fox's? Are they not missing a trick? Surely the gift is in the company name?

I have been wondering the very same, but my son loves the Vinnie the Panda ad

il tell the Asda Cashier "Vinnie from HUKD sent me"


i hate that panda, its biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also that other advert where the kid says beautiful wrong, does my head in

We have been getting ours from co-op 2 for £1 for the last week and a bit. They have the crunch creams, they are very greasy biscuits. Or maybe it's just my imagination, also the chic fudge ones to me taste burnt :o) The ad is cute with vinnie the panda. Foxs glacier mints have a polar bear tho, why not have him eating bisquits instead :-D

surely it's biscwits?
foxes are too scary and pests
pandas are cute, cuddley and have natural black eyes

Foxes mints = Polar Bear
Foxes biscuits = Panda bear!


Voted hot, but I was secretly hoping the deal would be for the nice bum-rester in pic :P

Great deal from Vinnie.

Butter Crunches taste great dunked in a lovely cup of tea.

nice find thanks


Foxes mints = Polar BearFoxes biscuits = Panda bear!DUUUHHH

Ok well even if the bear thing has a valid link to the product, whats the deal with the whole mafia accent? There are so many things about this advert I don't understand.

'bisquits'?? oO honestly?

Just had some of these tonight the Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams are gorgeous!!

I'm hoping some other Mafia related panda wakks that beast for saying biscuits wrongly. I'd take the contract myself for a box of Jaffa Cwakes.

Just thought I'd add, their Chunkie biscuits are on offer for £1 per pack at ASDA and pretty much everywhere else at the moment.

I know £1 might not sound like a very good deal, but believe me, they're worth every penny. The "Extremely Chocolatey" variety in particular is like no other.
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