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Posted 25 November 2022

A Roundup Of The Best PC Systems for Black Friday Mega thread (Vega 7 - 6400 6500xt 6650xt 6800 RTX3070 RTX 3080 etc) from £325 @ Palicomp

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

5600G at £325 at PALICOMP & 5600G at £400 at PALICOMP

When Adding the 500W Kolink booster from the above: You can double stack these on top.

**adding the psu boosters = add gpu laters.


INTEL 12400F + 3070 AT £999.99 AT PALICOMP
*top PSU on site to 750W, or pitch in management deal.

+81 for 32GB on site. +106 12600K +156 12700 +236 13600K & +74 for Z690 ATX Prime all on site.
DDR5 Ram/Boards available direct, email or pitch.


5600X+6800 at £1044.97 at AWD-IT OR 5700X+6800 as mention £1229.94
RTX 3070 vs RX 6800 vs RTX3080(also shown)



Ryzen 3 4100 - AMD 6400 - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W Vamp - B450 - 1TB £474.97 (gen3)
Ryzen 5 4500 - AMD 6400 - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W Vamp - B450 - 1TB £499.97 (gen3)
Ryzen 5 4100 - AMD 6500XT - 16gb 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - Citidel - A520 - 1TB £524.97 (gen3)
Ryzen 5 5500 - AMD 6500XT - 16gb 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - Citidel - A520 - 1TB £554.97 (ask for b550) (gen3)
Intel 12100 - AMD 6500XT - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - Infinity - H610 - 1TB £584.97 (gen4)
Ryzen 5 4500 - 6600 - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - VOLT - 1TB £594.97
Ryzen 5 5500 - 6600 - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - VOLT - 1TB £634.96
Ryzen 5 5600x - 6600 - 16GB 3200mhz - 500W - VOLT - 1TB £694.96
Ryzen 5 4500 - 6650xt 16GB 3200mhz - 750W - Python - B450 - 1TB - £709.98 (BLK END)
Ryzen 5 5600- 6650xt 16GB 3200mhz - 750W - Python - B450 - 1TB - £749.97 (BLK END)
Ryzen 7 5700x - 6650xt 16GB 3200mhz - 750W - Python - B450 - 1TB - £829.97 (BLK END)
Ryzen 5 5600G + 6600XT - 16GB - 600W- MSI - B450 - 240GB - 2TB Windows £779.98 at Costco(awd)


Ryzen 5 3600 - RTX3050 - 16GB - 480GB SSD - 500W - Kolink - A520 - Windows £665*
Ryzen 5 3600 - RTX3060 - 16GB - 480GB SSD - 500W - Kolink - A520 - Windows £765*
*When selecting the double up +25 onsite for B550M / +60 5600X
Ryzen 5 3600 - RTX3060Ti - 16GB - 1TB nvme - 600W - Flash - B550M Windows £850
+60 5600X
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    Every company has a different way of doing things.

    Take for example AWD-IT.

    You go on to their website, click a deal which has caught your attention and there is drop down menu. and that is the case for some other sites.

    What ive done on the AWD deals, Every link ive "fallen in love with" ive set it to same standard as best as i could have

    The set is 16GB 3200mhz & 1TB nvme with the basic suitable PSU for the spec along side min case.

    So we can concentrate on the CPU / GPU and that is why when u open the price shoots up to my listed price.

    Usual with AWD its GPU reflected, with option of different CPU, & thats how i wrote it. occasional they do deals with GPU choices. (hidden away)


    The Palicomp - The odd buggers.

    Again if u found them for the first time and u open a link ull see massive list of part after part u can select from the basic unit.
    & on top section they these boosters/addons "PROMOTIONS". normal u would click it.

    and ive label them as a +COST like the AWD drop downs,.

    What do i mean by "backdoors"

    Lets take for Example the 5600G: palicomp.co.uk/pc_…ac3

    See this:

    ^ if i click that, means im getting B550M-K

    But what if i found another 5600G on there site what caught my attention for example this: AMD COBRA (RYZ10)

    hmm £400 vs £325

    1) better case worth £15
    2) windows
    3) more storage worth £40

    so calc about 75 difference on cost in a break up of -40-15=20 for win.. yeah ill go for that one instead that will suit me, as i like the case and the storage is a bonus and windows at £20 no bother to most..

    #brickwall.. trying to sell me windows at a nice price in the build, but i dont see the offer on the B550m.

    ##Can i steel it, Can i G.L.I.T.C.H there site: yes.

    What we can do is: Go back to the old deal with £325 5600G and Right click on the Booster, and click on "OPEN IN NEW TAB"
    "Yep that button on ur mouse u never new about has its purpose"

    it will give u this page:

    What u need to do is remove this: Itemid=101&tmpl=component from the URL and join && together.

    now it gives me this: palicomp.co.uk/ind…162

    so what ive done is made it fancy, done the work for u and made into a nice HYPER Link

    and it looks like this A520 -> B550M at +25

    So what i can do go back to the 5600G at £400.00 i can make any other edits i desire, but clearly ill leave the A520 in place.
    and when im done ill add the system to the basket, then ill open this A520 -> B550M at +25 and then click on "ADD to CART"

    refresh the basket, and ive just got the windows cheap 5600G one with a booster from the other.


    But cos im greedy, can i steel any others, ill have that PSU one too. its OEM to 500W Kolink, ill nick that too.

    ive noticed as well that on the Ryzen 5 3600 + 3060 what comes with a kolink 500w in the promo section there is a Corsair 750W.....

    so what im going to do is

    for a double stack.

    /Before the GPU drops, i once took a GT1650 system to 3060 then to 3070 then to 3080 then to 3090 via a stacking, and then stacked the cPU another way to. - if they have a dumb site to take advantage, ill be the first at it. (edited)
    Now this starts to make sense more, cheers
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    What would you suggest for a £500 build? I have a 1080ti I'm going to put in it
    Would u consider self building?
  3. Avatar
    @sarden84 Just got the email from Palicomp. Thoughts on this

    I suggest that one as an upgrade with its increase speed, it is on offer atm too on amazon, so not that much of a gap between markets but usual the gap is considerable little more., u could ask what other one they got though and i can compare to offers?

    with the management: decline. get it to around 68. then repitch back what they can do by removing the last 4items.+O/Stuning/WinPo -->> better psu.

    Graphics card is a nice !.

    standard: palit.com/pal…=en

    Jet is equal to the Game PRO O.C version, so a slight boost in performance which u can tune urself anyways, but does offer a slight better temps but that doesnt equal mean the non O.C of the Game is bad either.

    and then once u get it down, if u desire any other changes put the request in.
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    I'm in the market again for a good spec build that's not for gaming, just home and office. Any suggestions please? (£500 to £700 budget.)

    Also, is a dedicated sound card still something that's recommended for music?
    Dedicated isnt, but u cant beat one if u need something specific high end, as they have more connections.
    motherboard sound has massive improved, and premium ones offer more tailure aspect in this too.

    a nice 5700G with onboard graphics sound perfect for u, AWD would be a nice one as they got a nice offer on 32GB ram. its on the options above, ill check the board.
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    Hi guys I'm struggling to pick a WiFi card on AWD-IT. Any suggestions? I need Bluetooth as well for my keyboard.

    48833126-IXvE5.jpg (edited)
    Double check that there isnt a motherboard with wifi (depending on which link)
    and if yes that is a good option. its a very decent card its BT5.

    if u require BT6 then +10 more for the AX3000
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    Would it be possible to recommend a decent one (able to self build) for kids christmas present. He likes to play pc games like skyrim/roblux/new world. Budget is around £400 (just tower he has monitor/keyboard mouse etc) (edited)
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    Hey Sarden, I've been reading your comments on the Hellfire deal over the past week and the advice you've given people which is great. I know you've sort of answered this before but to decently futureproof the Hellfire build what would you upgrade outside of the BQ pure rock upgrade?

    I want to comfortably game at 1440p but in the future just want to put a more powerful card in without having to worry too much about replacing other parts. I know they send that sales thing afterwards where I can negotiate a better PSU and such. I looked at the difference from 3070 to 3080 and with the extra power draw and it being a bit excessive for my need for the price jump it seems the 3070 can easily play 1440p with no worries? I don't play fps or that stuff so seems it'll be a good choice.

    Should I go for the £100 16gb --> 32gb 3600 deal you posted?

    I have no intention of overclocking and from research, it seems that I'd have little use for Z boards maybe CPU upgrade would be worth it or maybe not if I won't even fully utilise it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
    If the management deal is no concern, then going for the ram now is a good idea, but u can try n pitch back on the ram if u have the intent for the management, u wont get it in lol, but a pitch taking both, u got some barter power.

    3070 is incredible its £300 less, 1440 on high settings it offers good FPS and medium-high even more.

  8. Avatar
    48870320-xvb2k.jpgNoticeable upgrade. Only £12 difference on Amazon though.
  9. Avatar
    @sarden84 I'm close to going for the Intel Hellfire having convinced myself I don't need a 5600X. Just wondering how best to get upgrades for the cheapest price. If I order the unmodified 999.99 am I guaranteed to receive a management offer before they start building it? Ideally I want a PSU (750w) and cooler upgrade for the cheapest possible...
    never known one person to get it without any confirmation.

    i think they have disabled the auto invoice, since i showed people the backdoors. (some people try it on more then others) (me!)
    be persistant, think the message as got out that we are barter for some nice upgrades on top, type: hellfire on here and go though the package people have been offered and what they been offered.
  10. Avatar
    Thank you for always putting in the effort on these deals , it's appreciated 🙏🏻
  11. Avatar
    ive ran out of time, but ill be back laters.
  12. Avatar
    I'm sorry mate, but seriously struggling with how you write.
    Backdoor? Boosters?
    I'm on a lookout for a £850 inc. 1080p screen for games for a 12yo. No future proofing needed.
    Couldn't agree more and he's clearly an agent for AWD-IT and Palicomp as he only ever seems to draw traffic to those sites (when there are plenty other similarly priced sellers out there). Most people seem to understand him though and appreciate the effort he puts into the deals posted.
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    Lovely post! Shame there's not much in terms of 5800x3Ds around yet. Might have to do a custom build from scratch!
    Same I want to find a deal with this CPU as well
  14. Avatar
    Is that AWD IT one the awful PSU that may blow your house off?
    Which? there are a few.
  15. Avatar
    Nice one sarden mate, some good work there (edited)
    He has been outstanding
  16. Avatar
    Right chaps, im done in with the helping now, so ill be back laters. need to go hunt for the final gift for the wife before i end up in the doghouse at xmas.
  17. Avatar
    Thanks for this but sorry I dont understand half of it. Need a PC for my son for Ark Evolution and God of War 4. What would be good for these games please?
    What's your budget mate?
  18. Avatar
    Sorry but this whole post smells like an advert

    - Because its a 2 legged race between 2 builders and ur wondering where the rest are?

    1) Hotukdeals has terms and conditions on who can be posted. 2nd hand goods from ebay small sellers aint welcome for example.

    2) they are the best in respect of budget, u look for these elsewhere they are more cost, and they are small portion of their entire links, as not all of their links match what i look for.

    I.E ive not posted palicomps AMD FUSION 3050 / AMD VELOCITY 3060ti / AMD ADRENALIN 3060 as they have recently gone up in price, and AMD Systems from AWD beat them for value.

    ive not posted AWD 3070 deal here because its beaten by Palicomps.

    and ive not posted any from PC Specialist as each link of theirs is more then these, same for Fierce pc / Cyberpower.

    this is the reality of the market. (edited)
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    @sarden84 I know you hella busy, but like Jimbobjim I'm hoping you remember to come back to me too haha.

    Self build list as well. budget £1k
    thank you
    Chucking my hat in on this one too, was looking at the pc part picker intel build and wondering if the 6700xt from Newegg was a shout
  20. Avatar
    Coming in with the goods as always, great job.
  21. Avatar
    Excellent post as always. Keep up the great work (and if you come across a motherboard/CPU/ram bundle on your travels adding it to this thread would be amazing )
  22. Avatar
    I'm looking for a PC for Flight Sim 2020 - and general use.

    My thoughts are:
    4090 GPU
    A Motherboard with DDR 5

    ... and other components. Would it best to look at self building or look for a pre-build? (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Looks like I’m gonna go for the hellfire, I have a budget of up to 1800£. What upgrades would you get on the system ?
    Go nuts, the hellfire is £999. Boats and hoes baby
  24. Avatar
    Gone for this exact deal but because I got a case with the ram from box.co.uk, the shipping was free so managed to get a nicer (in my opinion) case for only 50p more than the overall part picker price. Also I went for a slightly cheaper ssd on Amazon and had a £10 cex voucher from McDonald’s monopoly so went for the 8gb card. Super happy with this. Was tempted to upgrade to a 5600 but decided to keep within the budget and can always upgrade down the line if needed.
    Thank you!!
  25. Avatar
    Ive got a nice £399.99 deal inbound for u bargain buyers!
  26. Avatar
    updated post.
  27. Avatar
    Tick Tock the clock is ticking, its 30 minutes before Cyber Monday is upon us... the 2nd final before the big day id say.....
    next after this would be the traditional ebay code....
    Hi @sarden84 , amazing thread and information - thanks. I am a bit stuck on decision. Want to get gaming PC for son who plays Valorent and COD. Budget was around £800-900, but is it worth the stretch to the palicomp.co.uk/int…ld1 or will the cyberpowersystem.co.uk/sys…616 and the graphics card do the games justice and save me £150! Thanks
  28. Avatar
    Decided to finally bite the bullet and go with the Hellfire. Appreciate all the help over the past week or so @sarden84
  29. Avatar
    What's the best value deal there?
    exactly! not a fan of mega threads
  30. Avatar
    As always loving your work sarden mate! (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Heat added for just the work putting it together! (I trust your judgement when it comes to which systems are a good deal)
  32. Avatar
    Heat added - Really appreciate your time and effort Sarden, helped me and many others out lots. (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Phone customer services for what? A free aio cooler on the Megadolon?
    with the AWD-IT there is a drop down for Coolers. its limited so if u dont like.
    # go to the main site and just add the aio/air into the same basket. (pay in one)

    then email/phone and say: can u please build that aio/air into the pc pls.

    trick i do with all builders, it works.

    dont need to with palicomp as they are small and every part is on prebuilt site they do.
  34. Avatar
    Can anyone help which would be the best option just to really run fornite on, don't really need the screen etc already has a decent one. Completely clueless!
    What's your budget?
  35. Avatar
    Budget of £500 - £750, any recommendations from the list?
    Mainly want the PC for latest triple A games and some coding (Visual Studio). Never owned a desktop PC but my gaming laptop broke last year (motherboard ) and need to replace it with something more sturdy. (edited)
    5600+6650xt £700 (ive upgraded the case to the mesh version) do windows urself.
    add wifi if u need it.
  36. Avatar
    Link doesn't work?
  37. Avatar
    A for effort. Well done.
  38. Avatar
    Brilliant as per usual so many options but great youtube videos to help the masses who might be confused about all the options .

    I should have asked you to contact awd-it cs for me , i was told bluntly that further changes were not happening . (edited)
  39. Avatar
    Brilliant work showcasing some quality value. You have any recommendations for best budget 1440p monitor? Every monitor that pops up on this site seems to always have the comments split.
    That HP one that’s just been posted looks canny.

    I stretched my budget slightly and went for the S2721DGFA. It could just be because it’s my first time playing at 1440p but I’m really impressed.
  40. Avatar
    Sitting here with a budget of £3k-£3.5k and absolutely nothing doing from a 4090 rig POV. Should have gone for this one a month ago Some Black Friday(!)