A Scanner Darkly (Book) by Philip K. Dick £2 HMV Instore

A Scanner Darkly (Book) by Philip K. Dick £2 HMV Instore

Found 3rd Aug 2012Made hot 3rd Aug 2012
Spotted this in my local HMV (Merry Hill) yesterday. I didn't buy as I already own a copy of this classic though I asked at the counter and the deal is nationwide.

Also available was Zombie : An Anthology of the Undead by Christopher Golden for £2.00


Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen & Ben Winters for £2.00

A Scanner Darkly - Philip. K. Dick

Substance D - otherwise known as Death - is the most dangerous drug ever to find its way on to the black market. It destroys the links between the brain's two hemispheres, leading first to disorentation and then to complete and irreversible brain damage. Bob Arctor, undercover narcotics agent, is trying to find a lead to the source of supply, but to pass as an addict he must become a user, and soon, without knowing what is happening to him, he is as dependent as any of the addicts he is monitoring.


Brilliant book. Worth £2 of anyone's money.

Might pick this up if it's in my local store. Philip K Dick is my favourite author, but I haven't round to reading this yet. Ubik is my favourite. Hot!

Heat added. If you haven't yet come across Philip K. Dick's novels this is a great introduction - give it a try.

I actually think this one is slightly overrated. Just never got into it and found it a difficult read. Was a lot younger when I read it though so maybe I just whizzed by over my head.

Ubik and The Man in the High Castle are far superior in my opinion.

I got this from HMV Leicester Square for £2 some time last year. My best HMV book bargain so far has been American Gods for £1.
I've also managed to get several other of the SF Masterworks books for £2 from HMV - including Rendezvous With Rama by Arthur C Clarke, Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut and Flow, My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K Dick.
Just a shame I haven't been able to find Valis, Dr Bloodmoney, The Simulacra, The Penultimate Truth or A Maze of Death for this price.

An excellent representation of how drugs can mess you up etc - due to his personal experience of course.

I wasn't messed up on drugs when I read it, but I was at a 'bad point' in my life and was reading it while at a Festival where I wasn't sleeping very well, so generally rather spaced out etc.

If you've spent periods of time 'over indulging', this is definitely worth a read.

Probably my favourite PK Dick book.
I'd read the book first - but when you have I found the recent film was a good portrayal of the book.
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I like some of Dick's books but I found this terrible - almost unreadable. Maybe you need to be a druggee to truly appreciate it.

Excellent book, i prefer stuff like Ubik but this still ranks as one of PKD's best.

Dr Bloodmoney = my fav!!!

I don't understand the grammatical structure of the title of the book X)

Original Poster

Apparently the title echoes the Biblical phrase "Through a glass, darkly," from 1 Corinthians 13.

Which also doesn't make grammatical sense but at least has a comma in it

This was still marked as £7 in Hmv Milton Keynes, but scanned at £2 (they need to scan the book, not the price sticker).

Also picked up (for £2) I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore and Laurell K Hamilton novel Blood Noir.

No sign of the Zombie Anthology, sadly.

So much for cutting down on clutter and just buying e-books!


This was still marked as £7 in Hmv Milton Keynes, but scanned at £2 (they … This was still marked as £7 in Hmv Milton Keynes, but scanned at £2 (they need to scan the book, not the price sticker).

D'oh! Wish I'd read this post before I went in, I saw they were marked at £7 & so just left it.
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