Posted 11 December 2022

A Selection of Hideous Christmas Jumpers £5.50 + £3.95 P&P @ Everything5pounds

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A selection of eye-wateringly hideous festive jumpers is available for your delight and everyone else's horror at Everything5Pounds. Knitwear so tasteless even the models can't keep a straight face. Not forgetting that one shirt that's so ugly it was a violation of human dignity to even ask a model to don it.

Buying these monstrosities from an overstock store rather than the high street is your chance to rescue unwanted 100% acrylic jumpers destined to spend an eternity as landfill. Have a heart and give them a season of life before they end up on the scrapheap of fast fashion pollution.
Everything5pounds More details at Everything5pounds
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    These ARE hideous, I love them
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    Heat for the description alone.
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    Everything £5 but the item is £5.50 ... Reminds me of the cleaner at work who said she had been collecting £2 coins so I asked her how much she's saved so far ... Response ... £151.50p 🤐 (edited)
    Well, sheds aren't that clever 😁
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    Thats the best description I've ever seen. Heat added my friend
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    This is my effort for Xmas 2022:
    If you saw someone wearing that you would think your drink had been spiked with acid.
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    Imagine how much the workers in the sweat shops are being paid to make them
    Yep, fast fashion is an unsustainable model of exploitation & waste. A fact more hideous than any Xmas jumper. One of the reasons these are so cheap is because overstock shops intercept dead stock (unsold, unwanted, last season etc) headed for waste. It's like a last-chance salvage store/rescue centre for fast fashion. Buying overstock has the one virtue that it doesn't feed the demand for yet more tat.
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    Heat for the description alone
    Well done OP
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    "Everything5pounds" Christmas jumper....£5.50 please
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    49014820-D4poi.jpgJust not what this guy pictured when he was told he could be a model
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    100% acrylic nice if you want to have itchy skin
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    These are exactly @PAISAL style. Don't say I never get u anything!
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    Buzzing. Love Xmas jumpers. Especially ugly ones like myself
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    Truly hideous! Nice one OP.
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    Brilliant Headline! Heat added for that alone!
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    Great due to the cost of the heating going through the roof! Needed some more material to burn for the fire! Heat!
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    I like the Red shirt
    I mean someone has to, right? Thank you for your service.
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    Everything5pounds… .50 plus shipping
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    That's Harry Kane's Christmas present sorted then
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    Are they supposed to be worn skin tight?
    As with all clothes, wear it however you feel comfortable
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    I quite like that jumper 🫣
    Beauty is in the highly questionable eye of the beholder, I guess. Treat yourself!
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    The price of stuff on their website seems to be all £5.50's and £5.95's. so I guess the price of their stuff starts with a 5?
    Must be inflation as everything use to £5
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    So who's going to confess to actually buying one? And which crime against all that's good & decent did you go for?
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    Hideous jumper, but hello Mr model 😯
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    One of the models on that site seems a little preoccupied by grabbing his nether region... Weird
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    Haha I quite like these!:)
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    So everything isn't 5 pounds I take it?
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