A Single Man (DVD) - £3.79 @ Amazon & HMV

A Single Man (DVD) - £3.79 @ Amazon & HMV

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George Falconer (Colin Firth) feels lost. Not only is he still grieving the death of his long-time companion, Jim (Matthew Goode), but he's also a Brit teaching English at a California college. He's so distraught with heartbreak that he's decided to kill himself, and proceeds to get all his affairs in order while carrying on with what otherwise would be a normal day. He gives an unusually forceful lecture to his class, revealing enough that a perceptive student, Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), senses something is wrong with the professor; collects his important financial papers from his bank; buys bullets for a handgun he owns; and makes a visit to his best friend (Julianne Moore). But throughout these methodical preparations, George keeps running into people -- a colleague's daughter, a attractive gay hustler, and the sympathetic Kenny -- who offer him glimpses of why he should stay alive. A Single Man is the directorial debut of legendary fashion designer Tom Ford.


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Just watched The Kings Speech last night, I think Colin Firth he is soooooo sexy...

If anyone has a LoveFilm package, you can watch this free online via their streaming service.

i watched it, its not a patch on kings speech.

Thanks Lucerysmum. I will hire this dvd from Blockbusters. (I have got to stop buying bargains advertised on Hotukdeals. For example, I bought 100 blank cds a few years ago from play.com and have since bought £100's worth of bargains). Empire reviewed this film and gave it four stars.
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