A Touch of Frost - Series 1-15 Complete Collection [DVD] £16.75 @ Amazon

A Touch of Frost - Series 1-15 Complete Collection [DVD] £16.75 @ Amazon

Found 12th Nov 2013
Was not expecting a drop as good as this pre-Christmas. Wish I'd held off buying one as a present a month back...

29 discs, 66 hours.

Titles says it all. Enjoy.

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This will go mental hot!

I also bought a few weeks back! :-(
Thanks for posting
Super deal Op, thank you
Wow!!!! Great price, thanks.
That is a mental price!


Heated, thanks op
Ordered thanks.
Wow just ordered for my mother ! Thanks OP
Just purchased.

Many Thanks.

Heat added
thanks amazing price ordered
ordered. many thanks. Expecting an email from Amazon saying they can't fulfil though.
£99 on Play.com
Ordering ... and I don't know why lol
ordered! heat added
Now £16.75
Just ordered 6-15 last week for £13. Think I will order this though as I prefer a smaller set
Really good price .. excellent series ...
Expecting order will be cancelled, went up to £48 after adding to basket, emptied basket and refreshed page and it was back at £16.75 so added again and went to checkout. This little wobble makes me think a Dear John email will be waiting for me tomorrow morning, but who knows, fingers crossed! That said wouldn't say I was a huge fan when it was originally on tv but the reviews on Amazon persuaded me that it should be worth another watch...especially now I'm all grown up with kids and not out clubbing to 6 in the morning on a weekend ...happy days!
Ordered. Hopefully that's another Christmas present sorted. Fingers crossed.
Thanks, ordered.
Ordered. Bravo! Expecting cancellation though. Cheers.
Superb price!!
Hopefully get it at thus price as a few months ago had an order cancelled. Fingers crossed
Ordered much to the disgust of the other half
oops ordered too Thank you
Now £48
still £16.75 - look in the little box to the side - more buying choices : amazon

Captain's Log, Stardate....43125.8...Ordering ... and...I..... don't know … Captain's Log, Stardate....43125.8...Ordering ... and...I..... don't know why lol

Ordered - cheers,

Also got £1 credit for a mp3 download
Thanks Ordered
Ordered! Brilliant price, thanks OP!
Got 1p off as well!
I can't believe how good this deal is!!! Nearly bought last week at £37 and I thought that was good. Thanks so much for posting. Wanted this for a long time!
Top deal, nice Christmas prezzie for my folks.
brilliant series,brilliant price,not frosty but hot
Great. Thanks. Just ordered at £16.75 and printed returns label for the set I bought from Amazon last week for £37.
Brilliant, just ordered.
Cex are offering a £26 voucher to spend in store for this boxset or £20 cash so watch them quick and flog them on for a profit
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