A-Train HX (Xbox 360) £15 Delivered @ SIMPLYGAMES

A-Train HX (Xbox 360) £15 Delivered @ SIMPLYGAMES

Found 5th Apr 2008
One for all the trainspotters/anoraks out there, So no need to leave the house just get your flask of tea, cheese sandwiches and kitkats and enjoy all the fun of trains in the comfort of your armchair, Good price for a newly released game next price is £28.93 @ ASDA

Get ready for the newest entry in the ATrain series: A-Train HX! Now on the Xbox 360! Enjoy realistic and beautiful 3D cityscapes that only the Xbox 360 can provide - all in widescreen HD! In A-Train HX, you are the creator of your own city. Start your development by building your train station serving as the centre of your city and develop the transport system around it. Watch as your city grows and takes shape into a living breathing metropolis. The processing power of the Xbox 360 allows a city landscape to be simulated down to the smallest detail. You will be amazed as you look out over the city and see buildings far into the distance. And the game's advanced simulation engine allows you to watch the progress of the city as it goes from farmland to a giant metropolis. Your city is rendered in full polygonal 3D and can be viewed from any angle.


KitKats? A Bit Spicy aren'y they?

I'll stick with my Thermos of Week lemon drink thanks

Ordered Thanks. Remember the 4% Quidco as well. Lots of bargins to be had for the 360 at the moment , have forgotten the last time i paid over £20 for a game.
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