A+ VCE Player Classic Free Today on Amazon App Store

A+ VCE Player Classic Free Today on Amazon App Store

Found 24th May 2014
VCE player is free today on amazon. This is must for MCSE or CISCO students that want to prepare for exams. Just as a side note, exam files can be downloaded from examcollection.com.
Hope this helps someone.
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Cheers for this - just what I need for my upcoming Cisco exam
The examcollection is nothing more than cheating, it gives you the questions and answers to tests including Microsoft and cisco, thats why theirs a load of people with qualifications that dont have a clue and anyone that does pass using these braindumps is nothing more than a ****. When i passed my MS qualifications it was because of months of hard work not a couple of days of learning answers.
Cold, cheating method that devalues the entire value of the credentials. And frankly it must be both more use and probably easier to actually learn what you need rather than memorise a load of stuff they don't understand.,,
all credentials are devalued. Some exam centr, esp those abroad are dodgy to say the least. Thats why a lot of contractors/consultants I come across are full of ****. They get caught out at interviews with a knowledable interview panel, but some ppl do lose out because of the shortlisting at cv stage.
Lol, I merely use the tests has a study aid as I find they help me decide what I need to read up/work on - one tool of many. I have more than 18 years in the industry with a very time consuming role - not much time for studying if I want to keep my family happy!

When interviewing people for roles I take the qualification on face value; if you don't have the experience to back it up it is pretty much worthless unless the person is going for an entry level role.

In regards to the shortlisting at CV stage - blame the companies for pretty much 'outsourcing' the first stage of recruitment to recruitment agencies. The reality is that without the qualification on your CV you will struggle to get past the recruiter - experience means nothing to them so unfortunately sitting these 'devalued' credentials/exams is pretty much a necessity these days to get permanent roles. And that comes from experience of going through the process from a employee and employer perspective. It isn't right but that's how it is.
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There are plenty of other study aids, which don't involve dumps. Dumps really only have one purpose and that's to pass an multiple choice exam. The reason they make it multiple choice is so as to make it easier for working ppl like you and me.

The problem I find is even with a cv jam packed with experience. It again means nothing. I've come across people who've worked for blue chip companies which surprisingly haven't even grasped the basics of their own known field.

I affirm what you say about CV shortlisting with agencies and such. Certification is must have. Just watch out Cisco & M$ can ban you from life and strip away your certifications if they find you cheating or breaking there other policies. And there's no appeal.

I know of close friends who do this though. I did try this in the past with M$, but somehow I wound up with testking answers which were so absurdly wrong, I didn't bother.
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