A Very British Gangster DVD - £1 @ Poundland
A Very British Gangster DVD - £1 @ Poundland

A Very British Gangster DVD - £1 @ Poundland

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A Very British Gangster is an all access guide into one of Britain's most dangerous crime families. For the very first time, a group of contemporary criminals open their lives to cameras to reveal a brutal world and an underclass which relies upon gangsters for justice, rather than police.

Britain's best-known investigative journalist turned director, Donal MacIntyre presents a close-up view of a world embroiled in kidnapping, torture, narcotics and murder. But behind the macho bravado, a poignant world is revealed where a community struggles with poverty, violence and drugs.

The film follows the trials and tribulations of mob boss Dominic Noonan over three years, as he lurches from criminal trial to criminal trial. Dominic, head of the Noonan crime dynasty, a second generation family of Irish stock, legally changed his last name to Lattlay Fottfoy, an acronym for the family motto; 'Look after those that look after you, **** off those that **** off you'.


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Good find and price Phil, considering you'd pay more on Amazon.

However, although Macintyre normally chooses a good subject to base his documentaries on this one must have been the worst. Des, the deceased brother, was the fearsome one as Dominic just had the typical impressionable chavs follow him around in what seem to be badly fitting primark suits. Plus what gangster drives round in a 10 year old Volvo made out to look like a Police wagon. I personally would call it 'a very laughable British Gangster'.

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Was in there today and just thought it was worth a watch for a £ so picked it up, after I have watched them I pass them on to people who want to watch them and they do the same.

a very fat pie muncher

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But a mod has posted this in the past at 3 times the amount and it goes hot, but I guess it's not what you post, it's who post it.

perhaps they bought it and realised how crap it was, ive seen more of a gangster working in McDonalds. LOL
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