A1 steak sauce £1.37 @ Tesco instore

A1 steak sauce £1.37 @ Tesco instore

Found 27th Dec 2014
The famous american a1 steak sauce only 1.37.

Picked this up in my local Tesco mega store, it was on the shelf as reduced to clear, not sure why as the best before isn't until 2018!

This stuff goes for £5 odd on eBay so not a bad deal.
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hope this is national, heat added.
was this in its usual spot in store or on a special reduced section? ?
Tesco west bromwich store?
Is this better than the Heinz steak sauce (which actually made me vomit )?
i bought this in 99p shop in wakefield last week very nice never heard off it before just got it to try
still £4 a bottle in my tesco extra in Barnsley, will not be trying it out at that price. Probably just local deal :-(
Never heard of it before, any good?

Is this better than the Heinz steak sauce (which actually made me vomit … Is this better than the Heinz steak sauce (which actually made me vomit )?

Yes this will make you vomit better than the Heinz sauce.

If any of you are in north London, this is available in the 99p store in archway (for 99p) enjoy!
I bought this for the same price as the OP in my local store (Perth) about a fortnight ago. Got the last one though! Heat added xxx
A Super Top Sirloin from Manny's Chop House with a blob of A1 on the side.... quality. (_;)

Nothing else like this sauce, it's actually worth the £4, 99p is an amazing price!
Good Deal
I remember when i asked for HP in las vegas for my mountain of all you can eat breakfast.
This stuff is great


I second that; only had it in the states, will be buying some for sure :-)
My missus loves meat sauce...
It tastes like watery brown sauce
Must be a local deal - this was £4 in our Tesco today
It has a pretty watery consistency, but certainly doesn't taste watery, I love it.
They also do a 'Thick & Hearty' in the States.

Anyone know if this imported or manufactured here? I've never seen this in the UK before.


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The version at 99p stores isn't the same, that's Brand's A1 Sauce made in England and a quick Google will suggest it has a completely different recipe although it does have a similar taste..
How good is this? Expressed in two characters



How good is this? Expressed in two characters

incredibly edible
A-bsolutely One-derful?

My missus loves meat sauce...

Yes, I know....

Comment incredibly edible

Or 'A1' as the original poster was hoping for.
Love this stuff - got a load from Amazon a while back but will be on the lookout for this deal!

I don't have this on steak now but love it on my sausages!!!!!
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Any sauce, named after a second rate boy band, can;t be good!oO
"Yes, it's that important"
Popped back into my local Tesco today and it was all gone, not sure if anyone else has come across any more?
I love this stuff, mega heat from me
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