A4 Laminating pouch £3.99 for 25 in store

A4 Laminating pouch £3.99 for 25 in store

Found 23rd Jun 2008
Pack of 25, 75 micron thermal laminating pouches. These are advertised at 60% off, though the website lists them at £4.99. Don't know if I was lucky, or if the store pricing was wrong as none of them had price stickers on.


I find that expensive pete - far better to buy bulk. I've used these in the past and found them very helpful:


25 for £1.97 in Asda


Can I suggest you both try Poundland?
15 for a £1

Depends on your useage really, but for the occasional user (sounding like an addict here!) you can't go wrong at land of the pound.

I would use around 70 at a time until a couple of years ago so needed them in bulk.

Lidl are doing 50 for £2.99 from next Monday plus they have A4 laminator, shredders, binding machines, label makers etc.


I'll stock up at LIDL


Can I suggest you both try Poundland? 15 for a £1

these are brilliant from here, its all we've used since we had our laminator, and are better than the ones that came with it :thumbsup:

Thermal Binder in Lidls is £14.99 next week
The quick and easy way to bind presentations professionally. Integrated cooling rack. Max. spine thickness (mm): 33. Size (cm): 18 x 33 x 12. 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

How do these work and do you need to buy bindings to use in them?


:w00t:maybe this one is better.....haha


:w00t:maybe this one is better.....haha

What are you on about, this thread is a year old.:whistling:
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