AA 9 LED torch 99p instore @ Sainsburys

AA 9 LED torch 99p instore @ Sainsburys

Found 19th May 2012
Saw this in Sainsburys now only 99p with batteries
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branch/location?? Please...
Nice deal but if you're serious about LED torches then you should get a Cree-LED torch. They have a single LED but it is very very bright. They are normally quite expensive but Lidl does one for £9.99, every few months. Worth the wait.
99p is an excellent price without any doubt.
It was at Castle Vale store, sale item not clearance so presume nation wide. Others have found the other deals I posted in other stores.

They where with all the car stuff.

I have the lidl cree-led torch, the 3aaa and 3aa they are worth the money, use them when we go camping. Super bright.
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1p cheaper than poundland
Got one from the Sheffield Archer Road store last night.
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