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Free breakdown service for all NHS workers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis @ AA
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
To say thank you to all NHS workers for your tireless work and commitment, we’re providing free breakdown service to and from work during the coronavirus crisis. Whether you're an … Read more

NHS worker Does not included my wonderful pharmacy assistant who Drove all the way from Crawley to work at the out of our emergency pharmacy near st.healir, but the AA WILL NOT ABLE TO HELP HER GET HOME TONIGHT AFTER 10PM. ONLY FOR NURSER AND DOCTOR WITH NHS ID.


They should do it all the time? What sort of entitled comment is that? No one “should” offer any discounts to anyone. They are choosing to do this. They are a business to make money. They are not a charity. Clearly you do not understand economics and business


Everyone saying it nice there doing this but maybe they should do something as a yearly thing.. Fact is they should do it all the time!!! not that it’s nice now, there just saying oh well when this all goes away they can pay like everyone else and when it’s over half the population will treat the nhs the way they was treated before (y) 🏻


I use offers I don’t ask for all the time. Not sure about that statement to be honest. If I could have a useful offer/freebie, I’d take it


Does thus cover torched Ambulances?

One year breakdown cover £39.99 + FREE £20 gift card (New Customers) @ AA
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
One year breakdown cover £39.99 + FREE £20 gift card (New Customers) @ AA
Basic AA breakdown for just £39 plus Get a £20 gift card of your choice when you buy UK breakdown cover. Offer for new customers only. This offer will be fulfilled on behalf of… Read more
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Stone cold. Well over £100 for me as it doesn't include home cover.


How is this any good. Goes to over £100 with national recovery? Can get full package for under £50 with companies like start rescue who have gotten great over the years. Voted Cold


Then there'd be no point. But it's handy for people still going to work, shopping, looking after sick relatives etc, driving somewhere for exercise etc though.


What's the point if you not allowed out


This link works

One year breakdown cover £39.99 + FREE £20 gift card PLUS 40% cashback via Quidco, possible £4.39 for 12 months cover (New Customers) @ AA
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
One year breakdown cover £39.99 + FREE £20 gift card PLUS 40% cashback via Quidco, possible £4.39 for 12 months cover (New Customers) @ AA
GET READY THIS IS A BARGAIN! 1. Go to Quidco select (AA Breakdown Cover) and go to the website 2. Come back to this post and click the link above 3. Make sure the page says £20.0… Read more
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You want cover that will take you back home with the car. as has been said if you breakdown 100 miles away and it can’t be fixed then you and any passengers have to sort out about getting back home 100 miles away if the garage can’t do it today. then you got to go all the way back another 100 miles to get the car when the garage has done it.


i don't understand one thing if i do not buy from the quidco link how am i suppose to get the quidco ???? as long as i understand purchase has to be done through the quidco link in order to get quidco bonus.


Still £39 for me. They must be following wrong link. Just select 1 year option. theaa.com/breakdown-cover/uk?optMshp=vcon100&utm_source=insert&utm_medium=direct_response&utm_campaign=AO5INS51&prov=WE114&prom=A5740&source=Affinity%20-%20print%20vouchers


now showing as £59

AA breakdown cover £45 pa (£32 using TCB 27.5% off the black friday price)
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Posted 3rd Dec 2019Posted 3rd Dec 2019
AA breakdown cover £45 pa (£32 using TCB 27.5% off the black friday price)
Was looking to get AA brakedown cover, just looked at topcashback and seen 27.5% off the price. AA already have 1/3 off for back friday! Offer ends on the 5th in 2days

AA declined the cash back does this happened to anyone here?


try this link https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/get-20-gift-card-buying-an-aa-breakdown-cover-new-customer-only-3319622


It gave you a monthly option? Mine gives me a Direct Debit Yearly or Yearly by card but nothing monthly


I went for the full package including parts & labour cost me £181 pa, tcb tracked £61.08 paying £18 pm for the next 10 months ..so in total the complete package worked out £120 pwe year........Thanks op AA declined the cash back does this happened to anyone here?


I'm having problems with Quidco paying out on a Curry's purchase,who declined it saying item was returned,which is a down right lie,so think both cashback sites have their problems,however TCB gave me 50% of owed cashback when Zeeme went bust whereas Quidco gave 0%.

Get £20 gift card, buying an AA breakdown cover for £39 , new customers only
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Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Buy a breakdown cover from £39 you will get £20 gift card from boots. m&s, john lewis, etc. So if you only have your car and that is the only one you drive just go for the vehi… Read more

25th March 2020 & this still works - £39 for cover and get a free £20 gift card


Yeah found the deal..be warned when you add the extras it goes up


It depends what your driving is though surely? If I am driving round the town and just local journeys, then recovery to the garage I use will be fine, as I won't be far from it. However, personally I drive to Ayr at least a couple of times a year (around 200 miles away), London a couple of times, (around 260 miles away), and during the summer various day trips with the kids, 100+ miles away. I've paid for Greenflag recovery plus this year that cost £59 - £25 topcashback, so £34. Towing me to a garage 200 miles away from where I live at 7pm on a Sunday night is no good to me, but getting train tickets, a hotel, or hire car, and towing the car to my local garage at home is. For the extra few quid to give that extra security is well worth it for me. If I can get the same sort of price for 10 years, £340ish will more than pay for itself if I need one recovery 200 miles away and the travel to get home. Different types of policy suit different people :)


My point was for 20 quid they will just come out to tell you it's broke. if like you said your on the other side of the country how much more would a recovery truck cost to bring you home if you just had this 20 policy also a taxi from one side of the country to the other I doubt they will ask you for 70 quid more like pull your pants down My experience with the AA has been oh sir it's the crankshaft sensor can't do it here needs to go to garage 30 minute job at any garage and spent best part of 2 hrs waiting to be towed back 30 miles via a third party agent you lucky if it's the AA own recovery truck I've tried all of them rac green flag all outsource there recovery's to third party so way pay them crazy fees just for a third party to come tow you back Everyone has there opinion on every breakdown service and that's mine on my experience with the AA


Yes, but how many times per decade do you tend to break down? Just once every 2 years (versus none per decade for me in the last 10 yeasr) and the extra £70 will pay handsomely for a taxi to get you out of hte middle of nowhere. And don't try and use the old "what if further from home" line. My wife had corporate AA when her car broke down at the other end of the country. It took 4 handovers, because each driver can only drive for, say, 5 hours. If you get one that's 4 hours into his shift, as we did, you can spend an hour waiting for a handover, then an hour with them, then on to the next handover. I'd rather put my extra £700 from the past decade to use for a more comfortable trip home. EDIT: Of course, by linking to the review of providers, you're probably suggesting other providers for a little more money, which is a sensible compromise. I agree with that, although for me I'm happy to get basic cover for approx £20 per year after cashback etc

AA Benefits on their App for Members (See Post)
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Posted 8th Feb 2019Posted 8th Feb 2019LocalLocal
AA Benefits on their App for Members (See Post)
So I recently discovered that the TheAA have benefits for members, if you log into the app using your details you can browse and redeem the deals you wish..... How have The AA beat… Read more



Looks like AA Legoland offer uses a corporate discount. You can book in advance by going through the AA app my saving was £39 down to £33. So current Kellogg’s offer slightly better at £60 for 2.


Can Legoland code or link be shared as a friend told me can not do it or she can not


Thanks is omline only I need save time on day just need a AA member now


Just had a look and it looks like it is online only

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AA membership comes with some useful rewards
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Posted 18th Oct 2018Posted 18th Oct 2018
AA membership comes with some useful rewards
Many people who are with AA are not aware they are eligible to some decent rewards. 1. Vue cinema up to 45% off. 2.50% off imo car top of the range car wash. 3. Seallife Centres , … Read more

The vue cinema tickets are more expensive using the aa membership vue movie money site. £8.42 for a non London 2d ticket vs £7.24 booking direct with vue.


You can get cover from £5 a month and still get these benefits.


You can also get discounts on hotel stays. More details here https://www.headforpoints.com/2018/09/29/join-automobile-association-save-s-hotels/


Yes bit of a caravaners heaven isn't it. Carry-on Cornwall.


@adamderak haha have you seen it here in the holiday season these days, we need a holiday from everyone else having a holiday (:I

AA offer. Top of the range proshield car wash for half price - £5
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Posted 20th Sep 2018Posted 20th Sep 2018
AA offer. Top of the range proshield car wash for half price - £5
AA membership benefits. You could get a code of family friend etc. 50% off the proshield IMO carwash. Winter is coming , protect your car with this wax, sealant car wash. This is t… Read more

I'd rather lick my entire car with my tongue than take it into one of these car washes.


This is doing immigrants out of work.


A car wash that polishes?! Haha, more like scratches and adds a sio2 coating in the rinse process to add some artificial gloss to your newly swirled paint. Spend a bit more and get a pro to do it or get some exercise and do it yourself.

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Posted 23rd Aug 2018Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Free aa car genie for existing aa members

Does not work with Alfa-Romeos


Sorry, not really a deal


I'd rather just buy an ELM adapter ad use DashCommand or another OBD program. I don't need the AA tracking me that's for sure!


Think that's called a wife. (angel)


The data collection worries me but could be useful if you have an AA membership. Just don't leave it permanently plugged in

Free Basic 12 Months AA Cover (Free upgrade from current members also)
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Posted 26th Jan 2018Posted 26th Jan 2018
Free Basic 12 Months AA Cover (Free upgrade from current members also)
As per title the basic package can be had for free using the link https://www.vcars.co.uk/used-cars/free-breakdown-cover.php Does not matter where the car came from it does … Read more
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It's breakdown cover which is an insurance policy. When you call the AA out to your breakdown, you are claiming on the insurance policy. Try reading the Ts & Cs - it's all about insurance. To quote you from earlier: "No wonder the UK is going down the pan with this level of intelligence."


A Claim? Its a breakdown service. Only really good for dead batteries & flat tyres.


It might not do a check when you apply and hand over your money - but can you guarantee there's no check later on when you come to make a claim? They could easily say you've applied for this fraudulently against the clear T's & C's. If you can provide proof that they'll honour your claim despite you not having bought a car from VCars then maybe the free part of deal would be ok. For anyone else thinking of paying £5 per month like you, AutoAid would be better.


Are we blind here...I put on the title..It does NOT do a check where the vehicle is from..It links to back to AA anyway.. No wonder the UK is going down the pan with this level of intelligence.


Unfortunately at my price range I’d have to buy a compony car with 150000 miles to have a decent car in my life and at them miles there not really looked after

AA Breakdown membership unlimited call out £39 but potentionally after TCB £22.20 for the whole year. plus 20% off 1,300 service stations
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Posted 26th Aug 2017Posted 26th Aug 2017
AA Breakdown membership unlimited call out £39 but potentionally after TCB £22.20 for the whole year. plus 20% off 1,300 service stations
Breakdown membership.Our standard cover that's customisable to meet your needs from £39 for the year AA Roadside Assistance offers 24/7 cover for breakdowns over 1/4 mile from… Read more

Startrescue all the way. Cheapest and best by miles. Just check them out; either by vehicle (cheaper if your car is newer, too), or by people. Plus 15% Quidco....


Thanks, just got the membership, seems good value for the money, lets hope for the best.


Would love to use AutoAid but the "you and your legal spouse or civil partner will be covered" clause means that it doesn't work out for me (& my pretty uncivil!) partner. Just took out AA the other day (the £120 package which should get £60 TCB) but the cashback didn't track for some reason, so I'm going to cancel and see if RAC cashback tracks. Need something as the car's getting rather long in the tooth.


Wouldn't use anyone else now having been with Autoaid for many years.AutoAid Breakdown wide-ranging cover includes: Roadside assistanceCar and passenger recovery service to any UK destinationHome breakdownsEmergency travel or overnight accommodationCover for caravans and small trailersCover for theft and vandalismMessage service All for just £43.31 a year! How does AutoAid breakdown cover work?If you experience a breakdown, just call our AutoAid helpline and we will arrange for the emergency roadside assistance.AutoAid’s breakdown cover is personal based, which means you and your legal spouse or civil partner will be covered in any eligible vehicle you are driving at the time of the breakdown. And before anyone says you have to pay and claim back, that stopped being the case a year or two ago.


^ I generally have a terrible time trying to get TCB to pay out on anything larger than £2. I really should get some breakdown cover - i've chanced it for years buying VWs new with a year's free cover and then gone without. Luckily enough, i've never had one actually have an incapacitating fault with 8 new VWs over the last 15 years. Might give AutoAid a go, thanks!

AA credit card 0% for 32 months interest free thats 2 years and 8 months. Longest ever!
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Posted 9th Jul 2017Posted 9th Jul 2017
AA credit card 0% for 32 months interest free thats 2 years and 8 months. Longest ever!
The AA* Dual Credit Card offers the longest-ever 0% spending period we've seen, though you could be accepted and offered fewer 0% months, which won't make it as good a deal. Need-… Read more

Ermm surely you would just do a balance transfer for a lower rate if you went down that route...


There is an app that's very simple to make payments, view transactions and set up direct debit etc. It's contactless but not sure about android pay.


Anyone know if AA Credit Cards are Contactless & Can be used with Apple Pay or Android Pay? Also how simple is the Online Portal & Is there an App for it as well?


So they don't sign upto it or face the consequences if they don't play by the rules. Simple as that.


What stupid deal is this? So you don't pay interest on purchase for the first 32 month. That's a great marketing trick coz what they are hoping is that all the idiots accumulate a great amount of debt that they can't pay off then.

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Posted 25th Jun 2017Posted 25th Jun 2017
AA Membership with unlimited call outs is £39, however if you got through quidco they are offering £15.40 cashback making it potentially £23.60 for a year's membership

I had to try it too , they never checked my licence and they took my car to a garage where it was fixed. (y)


I tried this. Your license must be registered to your parents address as they may check your license when you need a call out. I had to pay the difference before even looking at my car.




Yes i emailed them to see if they now covered pickups they didn't before and got this reply. • UK vehicles only. • Private cars and motorcycles. Vans, pick-ups and motorised caravans will only be covered if they do not exceed 3.5tonnes gross vehicle weight. I'm well pleased it means i don't need to renew my pickup breakdown cover this year.


Wow. Just... wow.

AA Members 20% discount @ Mitchell and Butler Restaurants (Harvester, Toby Carvery, All Bar One...) & 20% discount at Moto or 10% discount at Moto M&S Service Areas
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Posted 18th Mar 2017Posted 18th Mar 2017
AA Members 20% discount @ Mitchell and Butler Restaurants (Harvester, Toby Carvery, All Bar One...) & 20% discount at Moto or 10% discount at Moto M&S Service Areas
For the restaurants: Log in and print out or take a screen shot of the voucher which can be used multiple times until the end of the year. You must show your AA membership card wi… Read more

deal now only valid monday to friday


AA may well have updated the offer. This thread was posted well over a year ago. Call or email the AA to get confirmation. Web page looks like it has been dropped as a benefit.


can you still get AA discount at Miller and Carter it says so on this page but not there when go for code?


I don't think there is. Email Harvester customer services to check. We had a family gathering at a Harvester a couple of months ago and the bill was over £100. The AA discount was applied. It may not be possible to use other discount vouchers or offers with it nowadays though. We used to be able to use the free birthday sundae voucher with another voucher sometimes. However recently when we tried, we were told we couldn't. Although the birthday voucher has changed as now it seems possible to order any sundae. The Baileys one was really tasty.


Do you know if there is a maximum discount? (ie. if I spend £250 will I still get the full 20%)

AA Breakdown cover for 2 people (who live together) in any car from £84 (passenger or driver) £39 poss £35.01 with Topcashback
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Posted 30th Nov 2016Posted 30th Nov 2016
AA Breakdown cover for 2 people (who live together) in any car from £84 (passenger or driver) £39 poss £35.01 with Topcashback
Top cash back are currently offering £49.99 cash back off Breakdown Cover £84 - £115.99. The cover for 2 people is £85 (When you're living together and are drivers or passengers in… Read more
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did you try this and got rejected? just wanted to know, thanks


​Really? I sell car batteries & really fed up AA & RAC failing perfectly good batteries unless its got their own sticker on it & within last few years.


Not really. FORD MOTORCRAFT 4+ Service costs from RRP of £125 - about the same price you'll pay at kwik-fit and the like. Ask at your local Ford dealer for details, and if they have a special offer on. :) Just had a Ford scheduled service done by my local dealer for the same price as they would charge for a FORD MOTORCRAFT 4+ service.


Tcb is never a certainty and you often have to chase it up and still no guarantees that you will ever get the money. I have used 2gether breakdown for the last 2 yrs...not had to call out as yet but I renewed on 2 cars for about £50 which I didn't think was bad (for a renewal)...first year I did similar via Tcb etc. I guarantee the renewal quoted by AA, Rac etc would be miles more expensive. And you have to be careful of the auto renewal.


After watching the thing last night about the RAC basically committing fraud by telling call out customers with a flat battery that they needed a new one in 80% of call outs and then scaring them in to buying one I would always stick with the AA from now on. Criminals!

1 year AA breakdown membership £39 plus £20 m&s/Boots card (previous customers only)
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Posted 22nd Nov 2016Posted 22nd Nov 2016
1 year AA breakdown membership £39 plus £20 m&s/Boots card (previous customers only)
My partner has just had a letter with this 'we're sorry you left' offer, its better than online because in order to get the voucher online you have to add another option and with t… Read more

Didn't work for me, they said the gift card was only for new members


I have just finished on the phone with these and I'm still not happy with the quote, they did knock £100 of but as a new member I would save nearly £200. Does anyone know, If I leave could go back as a new customer straight away or would I have to wait, days, weeks, months ?


what cover is it at £39


Cold imo dint think I've ever seen anyone from the AA actually carrying out any roadside repairs don't think they are even mechanics just recovery drivers these days :{


Don't you have to add extras to get the gift card, it is not £39.

Free book with your AA membership
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Posted 21st Oct 2016Posted 21st Oct 2016
Free book with your AA membership
Hi people Just received a letter from the AA saying I'm entitled to a free book. Just go to theAA.com/bookoffer and type your membership number and get your free book. Enjoy.

Thans for responding - sounds right - I have been a member for approx 20 years!


Been a member 10 months. So maybe it's a carrot on a stick? ;)


Not your fault but out of interest how long have you been a member for? Thanks


Not your fault - thanks for posting, anyway. ;)


Sorry guys. Received the letter and posted. I had no idea it was not open to all. I was actually hoping to get some heat lol.

Free AA motorway lesson
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Posted 7th Aug 2016Posted 7th Aug 2016
Free AA motorway lesson
​Free AA motorway lesson with AA Do you find driving on a motorway daunting? Refresh your motorway driving skills and boost your confidence with a free 'Drive Motorway' course, av… Read more
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It wasn't. I learnt in 2014 and I wan't allowed on them.


Yes, which is rather bizarre if you ask me. Dual carriageways have shaper bends, shorter slip roads in a lot of cases, turns off to the right(!) which cut across the other carriageway and probably other things I can't think of right now. Much more dangerous than a motorway if you ask me.


I seem to recall that a few years back the law was changed to allow learners on a motorway with a qualified driving instructor.


You can go on dual carriageways which are 70mph...


Ty x

AA Breakdown Membership (Full Package) with TopCashback - 12 Months Cover for £149 for Vehicle or £159 for Personal - £84.98 TopCashback + Possible £50 Fuel Card (Leaving £64.02 / £14.02 or £74.02 / £24.02)
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Posted 26th Jul 2016Posted 26th Jul 2016
AA Breakdown Membership (Full Package) with TopCashback - 12 Months Cover for £149 for Vehicle or £159 for Personal - £84.98 TopCashback + Possible £50 Fuel Card (Leaving £64.02 / £14.02 or £74.02 / £24.02)
Hope this makes sense, TopCashback are offering £84.98 (Quidco £75) off a package costing £149 or more, the AA are also giving away a £50 Fuel Card when you buy 3 option packages. … Read more

You should carefully check your cover details. I did with my bank extra-account which offers AA cover, the small print states £70 per call out, making the policy and card they send out, pointless


It's worth pointing out AutoAid has been sold to another company "Right Choice Insurance Brokers" and reports of its quality of service have been dropping. Along with complaints about Right Choice in general over the past few years.


Fuel card offer is not coming up anymore when clicking through quidco ! It's available directly through AA website though


Nice find OP and I was tempted, but spent a couple of hours researching and finally got a Home/Roadside/National cover with Start Rescue for £49.50 by using code DT4A.



Free Car Wash for AA members
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Posted 5th Jul 2016Posted 5th Jul 2016LocalLocal
Free Car Wash for AA members
only for AA members, but I nearly missed this in my emails. It's my regular car wash too, so a good bonus for me. If you have AA membership check your emails * I've submitted this… Read more

How do I get a free car wash? My AA number is6356 0111 4443 5611


Miles better than AA imo... been with RAC for ages... just remember to phone and cancel and get cheaper renewal.


I'm about to buy a breakdown assist, any chance of getting included if I choose AA? @theaa_help ?


Them recovering alcoholics get everything free,it's enough to drive you to drink!:(


Yet today I received the following! I am writing in response to your comments regarding our free car wash promotion. I understand a friend of yours has been selected to receive a free car wash voucher at a participating Tesco store but you have not. As a long standing member, you are disappointed not to have been offered this promotion. I am very sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction and have taken the opportunity to look in the matter. The free car wash is a trial offer for both the AA and Tesco, if both businesses find that this is beneficial for their customers and feasible, we may look to expand on this in the future. However, as it is a brand new partnership, Tesco have selected a few participating stores and we have selected members close to those stores to receive the voucher. Unfortunately, your closes participating store is 38 miles away and therefore, you would not have been selected for this particular offer. I am sorry for any disappointment caused however, as this partnership between the AA and Tesco is new and still under development, it was not feasible to make the free car wash voucher available to all customers at all Tesco stores therefore, a business decision was made by both Tesco and the AA to trial it with a selected few. I am unable to uphold your complaint but I am very sorry for any disappointment caused. I trust I have explained out position, I will now make arrangements to close my file but thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.