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AA, car key signal blocker 2 pack 99p Home Bargains Craigavon

In store: County Armagh · Home Bargains Deals
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    Just a heads up
    I bought some of these from a recent deal on here.
    I put my key in it and went outside to the car and it still opened.
    If you get one - I suggest you test it
    Can these be returned if they don’t work properly?
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    Comparison test of these things in AutoExpress this week: some work well, some don't.
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    Hi to clarify was this the Home Bargains inside Rushmere shopping centre at Craigavon or the larger one at nearby Marlborough Retail Park (where the M&S, Burger King are?) Thks!
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    Not sure I'm going to trust my Lambo key with this... (edited)
    You and your Lambretta, get on with you
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    Do they make hats out of this stuff?
    Does you head have central locking?
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    These are BIG 190mm x 120mm you can fit mobile phone in them no problem. (edited)
    At 6' 3" x 4', I could fit in one!
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    99p or £99
    Cheers lol
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    Buy a £2.75m supercar. Protect it with 99p pouch. Sorted.
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    Wouldn't it better just to a car operated with a proper old fashion remote key!
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    Faraday boxes degrade over time. The best practice is to DISABLE KEYLESS ENTRY in your car. All of my friends cars were stolen in this way, including one theft just two weeks ago. Now my friends disabled the keyless enter in their new car.
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    Came up as £99 was worried for a moment then
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    I've got a couple of these (and a box that does the same thing), they work really well, not just for keys, but phones as well if you wanted.
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    Can someone please let me know if I have a smart key where it means keyless entry and keyless start does that mean I have to take it out of pouch? Or the key won't work?
    The lining of the pouch prevents any signal transmission.
    See en.wikipedia.org/wik…age
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    I’d imagine there are better ones online but not at 99p. I paid £4.99 for 2x on eBay and they work well
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    Just a heads up - the faraday cages in these types of pouches do degrade / break / stop working after a while. there is not much you can do about it - the 'cage' is fragile because the pouch has to be thin. you can look for police certified ones (secured by design) which are slightly better

    if you use a pouch check it blocks your keys when you are next to your car! i have had two decent ones fail after a few months.
    better still just use a metal box like this which cant break!
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    Why would you want this?
    to stop your car being stolen !
    Thieves can scan your key from within your house, and con your car into thinking there's a key nearby.
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    Just to as someone who has bought these.

    They are massive compared to many other Faraday pouches
    I find almost all others too small. They usually tightly fit the fob and nothing else. I have other keys on the keyring
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    No one is actually saying their car wasn’t nicked by using one of these…
    Must mean it works then . But I’m all seriousness, these ones seem very hit/miss. Other ones are much more reliable and personally I’d use a box at home
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    Don't bother guys, I got mine and it doesn't work, nfc also, I could easily scan my card with my phone, the card was inside the wallet and it was supposed to protect it.
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    alot of cars now have a modified kill switch under the dash
    A lot also don’t though. An essential item for anyone with keyless entry or start