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AA dual credit card 32 months of spending at 0% and 16 months of BT but with a 2.89% fee. Also £32 cashback through TCB. Longest card ever for spending
Found 27th Aug 2017Found 27th Aug 2017
The AA Dual Credit Card offers the longest-ever 0% spending period, though you could be accepted and offered fewer 0% months, which won't make it as good a deal. Dual Credit Card … Read more

good luck trying to balance transfer to another card if you don't pay this off by the end of the interest free period - RBI customer service was truly shocking when I had one! NEVER AGAIN


No problem and i meant the 30 months. Let me know how it goes? The customer service has been good and you can check your balance, payment and statement with sms which is really usefull. Happy so far with it all so if pre approved then why risk it


Wow! That's a bit of a kick in the nuts - I've seen a fare few reviews on this card & seems to be a selected few that get it. I've got a really good credit rating & don't want to risk damaging it on a whim. As you said, why get greedy over a couple of extra month 0%. Thanks! I'll take your advice & apply for the MBNA end of next week - It should arrive in time for my 2 weeks off work on the 10th (highfive) :D


I was pre approved for mbna went for m&s 95% chance for the £50 voucher got rejected outright! Then went for the mbna thinking thats it my chances are shot! But got that with a £7400 but promptly reduced to £5000. Much higher than sainsburys. The sainsburys will be paid in two months and closed. Up to you! do you want to risk your chances or take what probably is a good credit limit and you will get the two and half years 0%. If you go for this i'd apply to mbna instantly if you get rejected as it cant show up on your credit file instantly. But i wouldn't be gready and just get the mbna. Mines paying for a heating system and i'm just happy its zero percent tbh with the full 20 months up to you what you do


I'm thinking of applying for this card but in 2 minds whether to go for this, or go for the MBNA at 30 month 0% purchases? It says I've been given a 9/10 chance of getting it - I was wondering how many people have been given the 32 month 0% purchase, because I really don't want the 24 month 0% purchase option. MBNA says I've been pre-approved - Decisions decisions! Has anyone got this card set up for ApplePay?

AA dual credit card 0% interest for 2.5 years on purchases
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
From mse The AA* Dual Credit Card has just upped the 0% period on its spending card, and now offers a whopping up to 30 interest-free months, the joint-longest 0% period we've see… Read more

AVOID AA CREDIT CARDS AT ALL COST. I applied for this card over a month ago after seeing it on MSE. It is a good deal after all. After the online application they needed to verify my ID by sending personal documents to them verified by a doctor or solicitor. Cheeky **** sent it back and saying that my solicitor cannot be accepted. Way way to much hassle. I cancelled it and applied to the Halifax card instead. Much better service. Rant over


I applied for the card 2 weeks back but so far no communication. Still waiting to hear from them. 100 percent time auto decision system always go in favor of me but whenever underwriter make decisions 95 percent time application get declined. checked my credit score and report with all 3 credit reference agency , no ccj , no default but used 67 percent of available credit and no late payment in last 5 years but still refused by sainsbury loan 6500 and Tesco card but then after a week accepted by mbna 2500 and lloyds card 800 plus 1st direct bank with overdraft facility 250, also refused by Mark and spencer but accepted by virgin card 1500 limit. and only 1/4 of my income is my total credit limit. Don't know whether AA will accept me or not. What they say about credit score is not always right, because I think it's all depends on creditors own formula .


No idea why people would vote cold. Heat from me.


Anyone voting cold care to explain why, 30 months interest free on spending seems like a good deal


Any quidco?

Free money! Get AA credit card and receive £45 cashback including free breakdown cover @AA Cashback offer ends today @ Quidco
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
FuelSave Credit Card Earn cashback when you make purchases with our FuelSave Credit Card. CARD OFFER: Get 4% cashback on fuel when you spend £500 or more in a month on any purchase… Read more
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Just as I said above - in your case, as you're already a customer, AA are even more constructively difficult!


Just got a letter from AA regarding the application. They want several items of identification sent, and have to be photocopies of original documents countersigned by a third party, such as accountant, GP, lawyer. What a piece of nonsense, never had to do anything like this before. I already have an AA credit card with a substantial balance transfer on it, surely they must know who I am!!!


Good deal, just missed


Thats clever i would not have thought of that. Thanks


​I spend £300 a month on fuel so these seems like a good option for me!

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£35 cashback for opening an AA credit card and spending £500 (within 60 days)
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
£35 Cashback credited within 90 days of spending £500

​It could but telling them folk to not get into debt might be hard as they will know best.


Haha i'm only 28 still around 12 years from my midlife crisis, I came from a poor background so have always been frugal with money and getting by on not alot.


Around £18500 for me, used them for motorbikes, cars holidays, pay it off end of the month as I would have paid cash anyway so get Tesco Points Nectar points etc. Mind you Im late 50's now, would have been a different story 35 years ago lol


Yup it's great having the peace of mind that if something terrible happened to family and they needed life saving treatment not covered by health insurance i'd be able to access those funds to help so yep go me for living for tomorrow not just today :) Starting up a new business or buying a better home the possibilities really are endless :)


Go you!!

upto 4% Cashback on fuel plus Free AA Breakdown cover (+£40 TCB / £38.50 Quidco)
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
Whilst looking for a new cashback credit card I came across the AA Fuelsave Credit card. It offers the following: 4% cashback on fuel of you spend over £500 per month (2% if not) … Read more

Too much effort


I have pasted this from my last response to an AA card deal " Please please please people don't use this card. It is okay if you plan to clear the balance over the duration of the interest free period. BUT if you want to transfer the balance from the aa card to another you can't (I couldn't and I tried three different cards; barclaycard, mbna and virgin) they said that it was because AA cards are not fully registered on the system so no way of paying them. I had to get a money transfer card use that to pay off the balance via a current account then balance transfer from the money transfer card. Trust me it was an absolute ball ache! Aa cards are part of RBI btw and the customer service agents are eegits.


The annual fee kills it.


Max spend of £3750 on "fuel" before getting to the cap then.


I'm not sure how they would know you purchased a gift card as long as it was purchased in the petrol station. They would just know the type of outlet (Petrol station) plus the amount to charge to your card. A bit similar to Amex deals were the T & C say no gift cards but it still works.

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AA Balance Transfer Credit Card - up to 37 months 0% (2.5% fee) but with £50 *Edit now £35*cashback on £1500+ transfers
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
AA are doing a balance transfer credit card that offer up to 37 months at 0%. There is a 2.5% fee, however you can get £50 (Now £35) cashback if you transfer at least £1500. Trans… Read more
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​none thanks, I'm.a Chartered Accountant with an MBA from London Business School. Your 'advice' to people is why this country is full of people in a financial mess, quite frankly you're a grade A moron.....or a Financial advisor, not sure which. Either way, you need an Finance & Economics lesson.....


Which part don't you understand? I can dumb it down for you


Halifax has better offer


Please please please people don't use this card. It is okay if you plan to clear the balance over the duration of the interest free period. BUT if you want to transfer the balance from the aa card to another you can't (I couldn't and I tried three different cards; barclaycard, mbna and virgin) they said that it was because AA cards are not fully registered on the system so no way of paying them. I had to get a money transfer card use that to pay off the balance via a current account then balance transfer from the money transfer card. Trust me it was an absolute ball ache! Aa cards are part of RBI btw and the customer service agents are eegits


​and idiotic comment of the week goes to.....

The AA credit card  with 22 months balance transfer 0% fee and £42 tcb
Found 5th Sep 2016Found 5th Sep 2016
If you go on the top cash back website you can get an AA credit card and as long as you do a balance transfer (0% fee might I quite add) within 3 months you get £42 pounds. And the… Read more
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No Longer Available with 0% balance transfer fee :(


I got an email stating something along the lines "Your application has been approved in principle, but we need further information from you before we can continue." Only good thing is that for some reason, their credit check hasn't appeared on my credit file with any credit agency that I can see - the only search they've done is an "identity" search. That might explain the need for documents (there's two people with my name living at my address) - to verify who it is before they run a hard check. That said, the amount of information is extortionate. We just bought a flipping car on PCP and all they needed was a driving license and employment details. Bit crazy if you ask me.


I got this last time and wasn't asked for any extra info. The cashback never tracked and still waiting after filing for missing cashback claim 3 months ago


I went for this a couple of months back (didn't know about the cashback) and the application process is a pain, but the 0% fee is worth the 10 minutes in the bank getting 'certified' copies. At first my bank said no and that they only do it for their own products, but after explaining my only option would be a doctor and that appointments took weeks for this type of thing *lie* they done it for me. The balance transfer went through no problem (within a day or so) and it didn't cost me anything. Everything can be done through their website so no waiting about on the phone, so I am chuffed with it TBH.


I didn't have a problem getting this card last time around. Accepted instantly, so it can't be everyone they ask all this info from.

AA Fuel Save credit card 4% cashback on fuel purchases (+0.5% on other spend) Free breakdown cover Y1 followed by free MOT annually
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
Not for everyone although if you use a lot of Fuel youd get quiete a nice chunk back if yuo spend £500 a month on cards (Supermarket & petrol for most familes) Get 4% cashback … Read more

The first year is free, the £42 annual fee (charged monthly @ £3.50) only kicks in on the 13th month by which time you can cancel, not to mention £31.50 cashback on TCB, this wasn't a bad deal at all.


£42 a year fee, but then say you get free breakdown cover? It's like the £22 Vodafone broadband deal with free line rental all over again!


Not brilliant agreed but ok and nothing better.. £27 a quarter cashback (plus a free breakdown cover or MOT annually from Year2 )for some spending £75 a week on fuel (with additional £200 spend Per Month apprx)


Yeah, the figures don't add up... max cashback with minimum spend to get most cashback means you can't claim upper limit for the whole year, and then you have to deduct the cost of the card... So MAX net cashback is £108, or £9 per month. So, not rubbish, it IS money back... But not as good as the headline.


I make £75 per week with 4% cashbask equate to £156 per yr, but its capped at £150 total cashback per yr..


Got my cashback last week very happy with this deal


Best thing is not to have a credit card at all unless you can afford to pay back in full at the end of every month. If you can't afford it then don't buy it and for those of you who find you can't pay it back in full then go get the scissors and cut your card up.


I'm surprised that this isn't hotter, this is pretty much free money.


One of the reason we ended up in this mess is because banks allowed credit card customers to rack up loads of debt. It's a good thing they are reigning it back in and reality is £3800 is a good limit, I remember not long ago getting a near 20 grand limit which is stupid really :(


I went for a previous cashback offer of 25 quid or something, just waiting for it to become payable from TC. I have an excellent credit file and they gave me a shoddy £3800 limit, didn't even cover the amount I wanted to BT from Tesco so I had to take out another card from Virgin who were more than happy to give me over £7k, a month after being accepted for the AA card. Their mobile app isn't great either, a long way off the other mainstream providers.

AA Credit Card - 0% for 24 months balance transfer with NO fee - longest fee free balance transfer on the market + £30 possible cashback
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
AA credit card 0% for 24 months balance transfer with no balance transfer fee Makes it the longest fee free balance transfer on the market Cashback is a bonus - TCB £30/ Quidco … Read more
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Just as a warning, got a 2.99% BT fee slapped on it. Not happy.


Thanks guys, i'll give them a ring and see how this works out! I have the money to pay it off (Holiday fund). But need to get that onto the AA card. if this may be an easier route i look forward to any suggestions!


Only Santander and Halifax can give you the right answer but speaking from experience as being in debt :( for almost 8 years (not anymore, thankfully) you cannot pay off a loan from a credit card. Some credit cards like Tesco and MBNA etc allow you to transfer your credit card balance to your bank account (they call it money transfers) usually with a 4% one off fee. Then you can pay off your loan as the money is going from your account.


Not sure if you can pay the loan off with a credit card. The loan company will incur card fees. Think you need to phone and ask santander but I'm guessing it'll cost.


Got the card with 4k limit! happy days. Just to triple check (Sorry never done this before), i have a loan with Santander 3.8K and a Credit card with Halifax and this nice new AA CC. So i pay off the loan with the Halifax CC and then do a transfer from the Halifax to the AA CC and enjoy the interest free period? I plan to pay off the balance within the 24 months!

The AA longest no fee Balance Transfer Credit Card 0% for 22 Months plus £24 Quidco
Found 6th Jan 2016Found 6th Jan 2016
There are currently 2 longest 0% credit cards with no fees, this one and one from the Halifax. Halifax is up to 23 months, but with the magic up to, this one is 22 months for all … Read more

I voted hot, but I would go for the Halifax offer unless I'm missing something here.


​my bad - haven't notice that


there is but there is a fee of up to 3%


As far as I remember there are longer BT deals with Barclaycard. And cash back through Quidco too. Haven't voted


TCB currently paying £28 on activated balance transfers. I applied before Christmas tracked and confirmed quick

AA Credit cards - good choice
Found 6th Dec 2015Found 6th Dec 2015
Choose from 4% Fuel saver Low interset rate 0% purchases No fee balance transfers £28 QUIDCO

Ever since he could talk so I hear


​Wow has he been giving financial advice for that long??


Follow Martin Lewis advice. In 40+ years I've paid next to nothing in interest


Depends on your monthly fuel spend. Max of £150 CB/year (£12.50/month) + Breakdown for £3.50/month This is only one option


There is on the Fuel Saver, but not on the other 3 options. Correct me if wrong. I went for the no fee 22 month balance transfer

0% on Balance Transfers for 22 months - longest ever fee free Balance Transfer Credit Card   @ AA Credit Card
Found 4th Nov 2015Found 4th Nov 2015
Balance Transfer Credit Card From AA Credit Cards No fee and 0% on balance transfers for the first 22 months 0% for 22 months on balance transfers made in the first 3 months 0% … Read more
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£24 TCB too


Thanks - sounds like I'll be getting the same then :-(


hi gt15, I got that usual letter after a week, with the words stating Unfortunately, on this occasion, we regret to inform you that - on this occasion, ur application was unsuccessful no emails


Hi hotisgood same here - did you get an email or anything confirming?


That should show everyone that not to apply for this! I got declined - never been declined before. Just as poster above says. Must have strict criteria and £2200 is a naff limit to give.

Free AA Travel Prepaid Card £9.95 or free if you load £100+
Found 8th May 2014Found 8th May 2014
I've just come accross the AA Travel Card deal. If you top up £100 the card is free! I've also looked at the FX rates and they are very competitive, way better than taking cash or … Read more
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Sorry but cold from me! There are better cheaper options out there. As pointed out in the MoneySavingExpert link, the Halifax clarity credit card wins hands down for me. I have been using it since many years now and is perfect. No charges for using abroad and nor any charges for withdrawing cash. Works out at around £1/month in interest per £100 withdrawn. Also spend £300 and you get £5 cashback (which works out roughly 1.6%). The only thing you need to do is call the customer service before you leave and tell them that you are travelling and you will use the card in another country. They will then remove the restriction for that country (to avoid fraudulent use).


Looks awful to me... "Unlike other payment cards, we do not use MasterCard’s exchange rates when you use your card outside of the denominated currency zone. Instead we set a fixed 'day rate' which we publish on our website, via automated phone line, and is available over the phone via customer care" Todays rate for Euros is £1=€1.1548. The current mastercard rate is £1=€1.2253, giving a mark-up of about 5.75% - and who knows what it will be tomorrow considering it changes daily with no transparent method of how it's calculated. You'd be much better off just using your normal credit/debit cards which will only mark-up about 3%, or better yet a fee-free card like the Halifax Clarity.


stick with Kalixa. best exchange rate


After many years of handing our petty cash and matching receipts together the pre paid card has solved all of our issues. They can't overspend and you can manage this from your desktop. A perfect business solution and very happy.


Better with CaxtonFX. Their current rate is 1.191