AA dual credit card 0% interest for 2.5 years on purchases

AA dual credit card 0% interest for 2.5 years on purchases

Found 22nd Mar 2017
From mse

The AA* Dual Credit Card has just upped the 0% period on its spending card, and now offers a whopping up to 30 interest-free months, the joint-longest 0% period we've seen. However, some may be accepted and offered fewer 0% months, which won't make it as good a deal.

If you shop at Sainsbury's or Tesco, you may be better off with the cards below which offer just one or two fewer 0% months, but also reward you for your spending.

We say 'up to' 30 months as some poorer credit scorers may get 24 months at 0%.
Make sure you fully clear the card by the end of the 0% period or you'll be charged 18.9% interest on any remaining balance.
Poorer credit scorers could get a higher interest rate, up to 22.9%, but if you've cleared it by the end of the 0% period then this won't matter.
Always pay at least the minimum monthly repayment, or you'll lose the 0% deal.
The card also offers up to 16 months at 0% on balance transfers, but charges a high 2.89% one-off fee if you use it for this.

If you get a good credot limit then is better than a loan!
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why ppl voting cold? i have been using that kind of cards for couple of years - 0% on purchases are much easier to take care than balance transfers etc.

heat from me
Heat from me to!
Any quidco?
Anyone voting cold care to explain why, 30 months interest free on spending seems like a good deal
No idea why people would vote cold. Heat from me.
I applied for the card 2 weeks back but so far no communication. Still waiting to hear from them. 100 percent time auto decision system always go in favor of me but whenever underwriter make decisions 95 percent time application get declined. checked my credit score and report with all 3 credit reference agency , no ccj , no default but used 67 percent of available credit and no late payment in last 5 years but still refused by sainsbury loan 6500 and Tesco card but then after a week accepted by mbna 2500 and lloyds card 800 plus 1st direct bank with overdraft facility 250, also refused by Mark and spencer but accepted by virgin card 1500 limit. and only 1/4 of my income is my total credit limit. Don't know whether AA will accept me or not. What they say about credit score is not always right, because I think it's all depends on creditors own formula .

I applied for this card over a month ago after seeing it on MSE. It is a good deal after all. After the online application they needed to verify my ID by sending personal documents to them verified by a doctor or solicitor. Cheeky **** sent it back and saying that my solicitor cannot be accepted. Way way to much hassle. I cancelled it and applied to the Halifax card instead. Much better service.

Rant over
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