AA European Breakdown Cover 1 Day from £9.06 - £9 Possible Quidco

AA European Breakdown Cover 1 Day from £9.06 - £9 Possible Quidco

Found 15th Nov 2010
AA European Breakdown Cover 1 Day from £9.06 with a possible £9.00 Quidco!

Why AA European Breakdown Cover?
* 24-hour English-speaking helpline 7 days a week
* emergency roadside repairs or towing to the nearest garage in over 40 European countries
* alternative transport up to £1,200 per trip, per party
* emergency accommodation up to £500 per trip, per party
* vehicle recovery back to the UK or onwards to your destination
* sourcing and delivery of spare parts (excludes cost of parts)
* up to £2,000 cover per trip
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My Quidco tracked within 1 hour @ £9, so a full days European Breakdown Cover cost me £1.35!
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They do NOT pay the quidco! bought cover earlier this year something like £30 with £21 quidco but they refused quidco for no reason!
I purchased Breakdown Cover for my partner and was paid without any problems
What is the point of 1 day cover?
OP needs to explain why this is a good deal - certainly doesn't look like it.
Try here, works out annual about 20p or 31 days £2 per day depends on car!
Worth doing if you are off on a day trip to France/Belgium. I used to buy only when I was going over but at about £10 per day it worked out cheaper to buy an annual cover - via someone like "Rescuemycar.com" at around £60 pa (includes full UK recovery as well as European cover). Quidco at about £20. For my renewal I might go for Green Insurance at £58 (less 12% quidco). As I haven't had to call them out I don't know whether they are any good - just much, much cheaper than the AA. Still for £1.35, if you can get it, its well worth it.
yes- please explain... 1 day cover for £9 is certainly cold... what are we missing?
greeninsurancecompany.co.uk/ via Quidco is £57.95 less 12% full UK coverage plus contenental Europe.
I have been to France loads of times in my company car and have to get AA cover, good spot

What is the point of 1 day cover?

maybe for people who dont drive much or at all but need to borrow a car for a day for a long journey?

What is the point of 1 day cover?

How about for people doing a 1 day trip to France / Belgium on a beer / baccy run ?

£9 for a days cover is 'kin expensive.
Most recovery cover can be extended to European cover for short term periods.
1 day cover!! voted cold
I went over to Belgium just about 10 days ago, and they wanted £15 for cover. But, i just took my chance and went over there without any cover.
i think people are missing the point, its hot for 1 day but if its not for you then dont vote cold just for no reason!
its certainly a lot cheaper than paying £200 to be rescued from a motorway if you break down. And for cold commenters, quote a cheaper alternative if you think its a poor deal or put your handbags away!
forgot to add.......'hot deal'
If you book with P&O for your crossing you get 30% off normal AA cover price but no idea how it compares to this deal
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