AA Members Alert

AA Members Alert

Found 19th Oct 2007
Been an AA member since 1993 and I thought I would share this info I recently came across and was not aware of.

AA members can get discounted rates from a variety of providers including;

Disneyland Resort Paris
P&O Ferries
Stena Line
Virgin Experience Days
Virgin Balloon Flights
Moto Service Stations (food 20% disc)

For a full listing of all benefits please go to above link

I hope this may save someone a few quid, just for showing/using their membership
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Link on OP doesnt appear to redirect well so posted here too!

Hope this helps

Used to be able to get discounts in a lot more places, including Halfords. Unfortunately some of these can be found cheaper by using discount codes etc. Some good ones though.
I just cancelled my AA membership as the price for my package had gone up to £200! I got the same on the RAC website for £150 and £40 quidco!
Never used any of the discounts the AA gave anyway; as Babber said could always get better discounts from looking on here!
I told the AA what the RAC were offering and they instantly matched it for me. Saved about £45.
Next year will go with even cheaper alternative offered by several providers.
you might want to check how much your "automatic renewal" is, as like a previous user said when i checked mine it had gone up to £54 (from £30 3 yrs previously), went to RAC and got the same deal for £30 + £21 quidco = £9. The AA has gone straight down the drain since being bought out by a private equity firm, as shown in a recent panorama
Have to agree with you all but there is another sector of drivers that this would benefit by default!

(Correct me if I'm wrong please) All Vauxhall owners with network Q warranties automatically get the full AA roadside and homestart. Presume the offers are open to those who bought recovery with their motor? :thumbsup:
check out the RAC..you can save some serious cash
Dont forget you can use Tesco clubcard vouchers at a rate of £4 to a £1 so a £150 RAC policy comes in at only £37.50 in tokens.
All of you are correct. i would recommend playing one off against the other for the best deal. I get free cover with my car anyway...OP was really just advising i was unaware of all the other possible uses and possible discounts you could make use of just being a member.

Hope someone can benefit as i am just back from Disney Paris and hacked off I didnt realise I could have got extra 5% off just for being AA member!!
If you are looking to insure ur car as well, Prudential offer free green flag breakdown cover and serious quidco cashback. Mine was £205 this year, with free breakdown cover and £105 quidco.
Also AA annoy me as was a member for 10 odd years and automatically renewed each year by Direct debit, when I came to cancel they suddenly offered me a much cheaper rate. Doesn't pay to be loyal to most companies these days!
Useful post if ur a member and unaware of discounts tho!
I cancelled and got offered a 50% reduction from the AA. Still didnt take it as green flag are cheaper still.
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