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AA Tyre Safety Kit for Cars - 2 Gauges for Tread Depth and Tyre Pressure Plus 4 Dust Caps - £3.12 Sold and dispatch by Xtremeauto @ amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • Regularly test your vehicle's tyre pressures and tread depth
  • Maximise road-holding and grip for greater safety
  • Increase mpg reduce costs save money be green
  • Includes a set of dust caps for your tyre valves
  • Keep in the door pocket or glovebox for use anytime anywhere
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    20p piece is the best thing to use for tyre depth.
    Just use the built in tread depth marker on the tyres.
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    Everyone that owns a tyre tread depth gauge are the kind of people that don't need to own one because they look after their cars. Other people need a microscope to check for tread depth before they voluntarily buy new tyres.
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    If you're not in a rush it's £2.40 under 'other sellers'. Just ordered - thanks OP
    thanks for the heads up. and same to you OP
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    It was £2.66 only last week. Still good value though.

    Noticed that the pressure guage is all plastic, just looks like metal.
    Yes, it was without Dust Caps, and hence a bit more in price
    As you said, still a good value
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    Don't assume this has anything to do with the AA other than a profit rake off!