AA vehicle parts repair cover for 3 cars for £140 - its a bargain. And £50 Quidco or £60 Topcashback to boot
AA vehicle parts repair cover for 3 cars for £140 - its a bargain. And £50 Quidco or £60 Topcashback to boot

AA vehicle parts repair cover for 3 cars for £140 - its a bargain. And £50 Quidco or £60 Topcashback to boot

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If you have ever looked at an extended warranty for your car (even older ones) you can't go past this AA deal. I have just added parts cover (like extended warranty) to my membership. I covered 3 cars for 6 months (rest of my membership year) for £72 - thats increadible pricing compared to the other warranty direct companies which want £200+ for 1 car

New members can get break down cover as well as spare parts cover for 1 car for £161 for a year and get £50 back at Quidco quidco.com/

The cover is extensive - just have a look at theaa.com/bre…pdf and they cover older cars and high mileage ones as well


this part makes me laugh cam belt failure – £129 i asume thats before the cam belt went,so i assume its just to replace it before failure,how would they know that cos there not gonna replace cam belt just for a precaution,the 500 notes is a joke cos most garages charge 70 notes plus per hour just for labour so u would get to that pretty quick,but i suppose u only will know how good the cover is as and when you need to make a claim

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marsh5000 - I don't disagree with your comments - but its no difference really to the likes of some of the direct warranty companies which charge a premium 3 times the AA's

Anyway - I suppose its horses for corses. I have taken it as it gives me some assurance for my car which is just out of warranty and my wifes which is about 5 years old

Bought the single car version + breakdown £109 less the £50 Quidco which tracked fairly quickly. Feckers declined the Quidco despite raising a ticket. The cashback was the selling point for me so not well pleased.


Sorry, you have to have your car serviced at a garage.
I prefer to do the job correctly, myself.

Remember this policy only applies in the event of mechanical or electrical failure resulting in a breakdown (or being unable to commence your journey).

Therefore there is no preventative work covered e.g. a rumbling clutch, the clutch would have to fail totally for the policy to apply. Then you have an argument whether it was wear and tear on the parts as this isn't covered. Remember you have to essentially drive it until something breaks and you are stranded before the warranty applies and then you have to prove it's not wear and tear.

The other point to note is that their approved garages (e.g. Halfords Autocentres) will do the diagnostics work to assess the fault, if the AA won't pay up then you are liable for the labour to diagnose the fault. At this point you are pretty much commited to them doing the work anyway as you'll have paid for the car to be taken apart to the point of finding the fault.

I paid for an AA warranty with my last car a year ago, it wasn't worth the paper it was written on in my opinion, it is very difficult to prove that an item has not failed due to wear and tear. I tried 2 claims in the year, one for a stuck brake calliper and one for the dual mass flywheel, neither of which they paid out. I ended up with a big bill for the flywheel as although the parts aren't mega expensive, the labour to diagnose it included removing the gearbox. The problem is once they've done all that, you might as well pay for the rest of the work because you have to pay for diagnosis anyway. If you take it somewhere else, you'll just pay again to have the same parts removed again just so they can get to the faulty part.

Beware that this isn't a silver bullet to all your car bills.

load of crap. very difficult to get anything out of the actual warranty.

I'm not saying this is a good deal either way but I have the Breakdown repair cover and have made 3 claims in the last 3 years and they have paid out without issue on all 3 claims on one occasion saving me nearly £500 and the repairs were done at a local garage of my choosing! Having said that I'm thinking of canceling the repair cover as I now get my car serviced regularly, something I never used to do!


Ah, servicing!
That's how to avoid breakdowns!
hmmm oO
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