Abba singstar £5 new ps3 @ Blockbuster

Abba singstar £5 new ps3 @ Blockbuster

Found 11th Jan 2010Made hot 11th Jan 2010
Picked this up for the mrs was new so should be in other stores aswell



great price - we got it for £7 from smiths as it was incorrectly labelled with a "half price" sticker!

been looking for this, cant find it in any Blockbuster Ive been to!!

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Was in prestwitch store

must be instore only

does anyone know if this is the same price at Xtra Vision in Northern Ireland. As far as i know Blockbuster own them. same sort of idea over here. Still would need the mics anyway which seem to be about £30 most places or does anyone know of anywhere to get them cheaper?

"...for the mrs..." yeah we believe ya!

None in the Doncaster store

Nothing in Bolton/North Manchester area either :-(

Try Redditch, They had loads of stock late last year at around £10. They've proberlly got some stored away somewhere.

We paid a tenna though.

none at mine :-(

None in Gorleston or Great Yarmouth

None in Wimbledon or anywhere 'local' according to a search they did of the local Blockbusters in the area! :-(

Good luck to anyone else trying to find it for this price :thumbsup:

None in Edinburgh - Clerk Street, Great Junction Street and Ferry Rd.


None in Edinburgh - Clerk Street, Great Junction Street and Ferry Rd.

what about Gorgie?

Pick one up yesterday in East Sheen store, per my local store there are 49 in West Ealing store, but I did not call and check availability / price as it was too far for me.
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