Abbey Bag Drop from £69:00 To £29:00 / £32.95 delivered at  Fiorelli

Abbey Bag Drop from £69:00 To £29:00 / £32.95 delivered at Fiorelli

Found 23rd Nov
Drop from £69:00 To £29:00


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For new Customers its 15% off with
FIRST15 code

Bought. Thank you

you need to sign up first. then it works. just done it now

Sorry, it does work as hidchere001 says - sign-up and boom, discount applied... thx

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Need to sign up 1st

Wish I hadn't bought the £79 kurt geiger bags a couple of months ago

Many thanks!;)

there may be 6% quidco too. Thanks - great deal.

ordered thanks

Got excited there for a gift but sad to see it's not real leather.

Massively overpriced, even with price drop, since it isn't leather

This is a fantastic bag, durable, good looking and a great size. Thanks OP
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