Abels Revenge on Kindle by Ross Greenwood. Amazing book only 99p to pre-order. Released on 25th of March @ Amazon / Kindle

Abels Revenge on Kindle by Ross Greenwood. Amazing book only 99p to pre-order. Released on 25th of March @ Amazon / Kindle

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Found 21st Mar 2018
Product Description
“I finished this last night and all I will say is wow.... I sat with my jaw on the floor.” Nickibookblog

“Well-written, in-depth likable characters, humor, heartbreak and a twist that will floor you.” Shervin Jamali

“I’ll just say.. wow, wow, wow. Stunning.” Misfits Farm Book Reviews

“This is a very funny, very dark, very clever story, and as for the twist.....” Mel Lewis

“A dark and disturbing psychological thriller.” Bitsaboutbooks Reviews

“The twist at the end was phenomenal and totally unexpected but wow! So good!” Miriam Smith

“I guess it’s a little early to say this is my favourite book of 2018! It is so far though, and it’ll take some beating.” Kate Symonds

This is a story about a city. As with all others, it’s a place of violence. There are murderers, and they live among us.

This is also a tale about a couple — sometimes friends, occasionally lovers, but always partners. Dan and Olivia are fighting modern battles; the ones parents have over a lack of money, time or peace.

An escalating serial killer terrifies the streets and homes. The body count rises as their relationship crumbles. Society reveals its dark side, and no one is safe. Dan and Olivia experience this first-hand as danger closes in.

Will Abel’s reign of terror ever end?

Who will live, and who will die?

What readers are saying about Abel’s Revenge:

“A thrilling ride told with humour.”

“OMG, Dan is basically my husband.”

“Pure entertainment.”

“I had some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, the humour is spot on, sarcastic, dark and appropriate to anyone who lives in today’s chaotic world.”

“After five short chapters, I’d said wow, raised my eyebrows, and laughed out loud twice.”

“Don’t miss this!”

“Wow, I didn’t expect THAT!”

Praise for Ross’s previous books:

“I recommend this to everyone, one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

“At last a page turner novel that doesn’t disappoint...”

“I would give it 10 stars if I could. Brilliant.”

“This is powerful and atmospheric storytelling...”

“Absolutely brilliantly written from start to finish.”

“An outstanding book, detailing life from so many viewpoints. This is a complex story, enhanced by clever, talented writing. Very highly recommended.” Anita Waller, author.

I thought about this book for days after I’d digested the final few pages...Jim Ody, author of Lost Connections

An eye-opening, honest and brutal story, Fifty Years of Fear is a cleverly written book. As always, Ross Greenwood draws you in until you’re completely invested with the characters... Tara Lyons, bestselling author of the DI Hamilton series.

The more I read, the more I wanted to read. There were a lot of nice lines throughout, and the humour took the edge off the awful things that happened... Tony Forder, author of Bad to the Bone.

An unmissable, heart-wrenching thriller... Netta Newbound, top-selling author of The Watcher

Told with such insight and depth, the characters felt very real to me and Vinnie, one of the two brothers, ended up breaking my heart! ... Jane E James, author of haunting thriller, The Crying Boy.

This is one of those books that long after I have forgotten the details I will still remember how it made me feel. It’s a much used phrase, but I feel like I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster and need a wee bit of recovery time. This is the first time I have read anything from Ross Greenwood and was impressed by his storytelling and the way the characters, particularly Vinnie, felt so real. This wasn’t always comfortable to read but it is well worth enduring the discomfort for what is a cleverly constructed piece of writing. Highly recommended.

Right from the first chapter, I was hooked. This is the first book I have read by Ross Greenwood and I loved his style of writing; the story flows easily and you are drawn in by his characters.

I finished this last night and all I will say is wow.... I sat with my jaw on the floor. —Nickibookblog

A dark and disturbing psychological thriller. —Bitsaboutbooks

It was like my own life. —Emma’s Books
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