Ability Office V6 free offer

Ability Office V6 free offer

Found 10th Dec 2017
Possibly one of the nicest looking office suites, an alternative to LibreOffice or the perennial free Softmaker 2012
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You download an installer (***** much gnashing of teeth *****) - Ok so this is free, but why an installer? Why not the whole thing.

From the official web site - "Please note: if you have purchased or activated Ability Office Standard and you want to install Ability Office Professional, please first uninstall your existing Ability Office 7. Your Ability Office Standard activation key will not work with the Ability Office Professional version. And vice-versa." - Clearly the libraries are not standard, and uninstall process on any windows is never squeaky clean. So good luck with a clean uninstall.

If a friend or a family were to ask me - "Can I install this?" - my answer would be NO, you are better off with LibreOffice, or an older version of Microsoft Office.
Not available for Linux. What, if any, advantage does it offer over LibreOffice to counteract the downsides of limited distribution, activation etc.

In other words give me one reason to get and use it.
Edited by: "brainsys" 11th Dec 2017
No idea to your question?.

But it's currently something which is free, and it's something that's usually not free also ...

So as such may contain some additional stuff that may be worth obtaining (over that of the traditional free stuff) regardless?.

That's not necessarily to detract away at all from the normally stuff etc? (as they are very useful in their own right besides ... )

I currently use a combination of both always free + currently free Office Packages myself (and each of these serves me well in their own unique way). :-D

So it's up to you?.
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