About A Boy / Love Actually / Notting Hill (3 DVD Box set) - £5 @ Tesco !

About A Boy / Love Actually / Notting Hill (3 DVD Box set) - £5 @ Tesco !

Found 8th May 2009
** Spotted in-store today in a Big promo box for £5 box sets. **

Love Actually: (Dir. Richard Curtis) (2003):
The story of a group of people who find themselves surrounded by love... There's the new Prime Minister who falls for his personal assistant, the Prime Minister's sister Karan who realises that her husband is attracted to his secretary. Author Jamie who flees England to escape his unfaithful girlfriend and then falls for his housekeeper. Movie stand-ins, John and Judy, who become attracted to each other on the film set. Recently widowed Daniel who helps his stepson who is smitten with one of his class-mates and Billy Mack, an ageing rock star who discovers that love can be found in the most unlikely of places...

About A Boy (Dir. Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz) (2002):
Growing up has nothing to do with age... Will (Grant) is a 38-year old Londoner living a bachelor lifestyle on the back of royalties earned from a Christmas song penned by his father some years previously. A serial womaniser, Will comes up with the idea of attending a single parents group as a new way to pick up women. Inventing a two-year old son for himself, he meets lonely, bullied schoolboy Marcus (Nicholas Hoult) and his depressed, music therapist mother (Toni Collette). The intelligent Marcus soon learns Will's secret and so blackmails him into letting him hang out at his place and watch afternoon telly. However, what starts out as an uneasy quiz show watching alliance turns into an unlikely friendship...

Notting Hill (Dir. Roger Michell) (1999):
A famous actress in disguise (Julia Roberts) in London runs into a divorced bookstore owner (Hugh Grant). They strike up a friendship with each other as they each find something that was previously missing from their own lives...

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Great deal! Perfect to help me with my Film Studies work on Working Title Productions!
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