Absolut Vodka Kurant (70cl) halfprice - £8.00 @ Tesco

Absolut Vodka Kurant (70cl) halfprice - £8.00 @ Tesco

Found 10th Jul 2009Made hot 10th Jul 2009
Found in-store (store:cheapside metro) in London, Normal £15.99, price cut to £8.00. Please note that the offer is only for Kurant.


Yum, great with lemonade! Anyone else seen this deal, hoping it's nationwide..

I got this for £5 bottle on Thursday at Ipswich Tescos

Sorry to go off topic, but Cheapside Metro YEY! My daily purchase in there is a packet of Rowntree Randoms and a fruit bag.

is that kurant flavor ?


All sold out at Cheapside sadly - this is another of Tesco's end of line deals on spirits, but it seems to have taken a while for them to mark it down.

Great with Orange Juice rather randomly.

Keep it in the freezer.

Just thow it in the freezer for a few hours so it shrinks and goes syrupy and then drink it straight - its lurrvvvly:thumbsup:

I got this for £5 bottle on Thursday at Ipswich Tescos

so why didnt you post the deal!!!

just been in tesco
absolut now on offer(boo)
so i bought some ginger wine
just tried some(disgusting)

I will check my Tesco tommorow.

This time last week I found: Half bottles of gin £2.99 (forget the brand, nothing special) and a bottle of Four Roses for £8. YUM - shame there was wasent more on the shelves!

Didn't ever get a sniff, all gone.......

****** again!!

was in my tesco so i guess its nation wide woop

What actual flavour is this? blackcurrant?


Just been Tesco, there were loads of bottles and also the Pear one on the same offer :thumbsup:


No sign of the Kurant in mine, they had sold out of the Pear which was priced at £8.00

i saw the pear one in my local tesco express for £8 :thumbsup:
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