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Accelerate Universal Wireless Charging Pad
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Accelerate Universal Wireless Charging Pad

Posted 19th Apr
Accelerate Universal Wireless Charging Pad

Works with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus

Also works with Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, Glaxy S8/S8 Plus, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Nokia, HTC, Nexus & more!

Input 5V/2A

Output 5V/1A

Blue LED indicators prevents overcharging

Anti-slip ring and pads on the bottom

Phone and charging cords not included
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Seems ideal to accelerate your phone into an early grave.
These are ! I had one for 2 days.
Must be an older version I have because it doesn’t charge iPhones only android
Like the others have said, best avoided! I bought a couple identical ones from eBay which didn't last long - one arrived faulty (got refunds for both).

There are perfectly good ones on Amazon for about £10, which work well & are much more durable.
Looks the same as the Poundland ones. These overheat, avoid!!!
Cheaper from wish store
I paid £5 for one of these from Poundland. Could have set my house alight! It got so hot it burnt a hole into my furniture.
Edited by: "waggabee" 1st May
These are a pound or two on eBay and the likes. I’ll be honest, stay away as they get too hot to be considered safe and not to mention the added heat will kill your iPhone components slowly over time too. I did get a £3 one from AliExpress that’s been fine though so cheap doesn’t mean bad, it just means that you need to be careful of the designs (check reviews on various places) and remember the make being different doesn’t mean it’s a difference in product. Most are rebrands if they look the same so will share the same faults as others too!
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