Accu-Chek Aviva Nano - Blood/Sugar Meter - Free*

Accu-Chek Aviva Nano - Blood/Sugar Meter - Free*

Found 25th Mar 2009
I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes and whilst browsing the web researching the condition, found this offer for a free blood/sugar meter.

You just need to fill in the form and you will be sent a meter in the post, free of charge.

*Please note that complimentary Accu-Chek Aviva Nano meters will be limited to the first 50 orders received per month, restricted to individuals with diabetes. Offer only valid for residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland, restricted to one complimentary meter per household. Meters will only be dispatched to addresses in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Additional complimentary meters requested through different promotional offers and customer upgrade programmes will not be provided.
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cheers good find
Please, Please leave this one for those who need it
Thankyou for your post I could really do with a spare monitor for emergencys I hope I get it.
I am a freebieholic but karagh is righ, ONLY for those who need it.
Probably worth waiting until 1st April , OP's post says first 50 per month (For those that need one)
from my experience the accu-check machine have some of the best customer support for their machines and have always found their teams help, would like to add for those non diabetic or those on medication/diet controled diabetes the strips cost alot, if i remember correctly about £25 a pack and these are not ususally given on the NHS for such patients, where as insulin dependent diabetics will be eligible to get the strips on prescription from their doctor if they believe monitor sugar levels is necessary.

So those that want a freebie, may not really be the case in the long term.

Hope this helps!!!
Many thanks for this. My father has to do checks twice a day and saw this being advertised in the paper the other day and was gutted as he recently brought the model down hopefully this will make his day.
Not expensive to buy if you really want one: ]http//ww…acy

That way you can leave the freebies for people with genuine health issues.
I recently got one of these free, and it is a great little meter the smallest I have ever seen. Changing my test strips was as easy as a quick visit to my surgery pharmacy
My dad needs to check 2-3 times a day also and is on insulin. I hope this will make things easier for him. Thanks to those people who are leaving this to those who need it. I truly hope that you will never need it.
Thanks Martian good find, ordered one for my parents hope it makes things easier for them.
Voted hot for those who need it.
is it alright to fill this out in my name, for my nephew (diabetic)?
this seems to be a nice compact one and small enough for your pocket, I'll look forward to using it. Thanks OP heat added.
Just ordered mine I usually end up paying for them
thanks really needed it
My wife is a district nurse and needs to buy these herself to check her patients, is it suitable for her to apply, ????
thanks. i really need this. I'm having to prove I've got blood sugar problems to my consultant because he insists on fasting blood tests and they're not a true reflection of what my body's doing when it's having a reaction to a blood sugar high or low.

If what I suspect will happen, it'll prove i've been diabetic since my late teens...

Definitely Hot and only for those who really need them.
ordered one for the missis - type 1!
might get one for my mum cheers op
Heat Added .thanks
mum diabetic this will come useful thanks.. heat added!
Thanks Martian - definately hot! Ordered one for hubby (insulin dependent) on 1st April - arrived this morning 4th! This one is much better than his old meter as the screen looks like it's light emitting diodes as opposed to light controlled diodes and so can be read in low light! It's also more compact. Cheers for this one!
Ordered last week, came today. Totally madeup, The unit is very small and fast results.
got mine today heat and rep thanks :thumbsup:
Thanks for this.

Ordered one for my dad it came this weekend. Will be very handy to have it in his pocket when he goes out.
Thank you very much just receive one today
got mine today too, will be very useful in my job, thank you.
Just ordered one for my bro..
Got it for my bro..its really good quality and came within two weeks.
Best freebie in a long time

woohoo!! ordered on midnight of 1st april and it arrived today. Fab item, my mom seems to like it H&R added
Mine arrived today good find thanks a million
heat and rep added
i've just fired an application in, assuming i'm not at the beginning of the month will I have to redo an application on the 1st and fire another one back in?

tried to complete this three times for my father in mozilla and unable to process, due to site error.

rated hot anyways coz if i manage to get it to accept tomorrow will be good.
really good one. ordered for my parents thanks
Got mine in the post today!
Works great
comes with 10 strips
Nice and small
how do i get one, i cant see the link anywhere for it x
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