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Posted 25 December 2022

Accumulator PDF Creator - Temporarily Free @ Google Play

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems to be an useful tool and best part is - It is temporarily FREE

Video, images, text to PDF, Freely design & create PDF documents & presentations

What you can do with this application:

- Convert images to PDF.
- Convert PDF to Images.
- Write or paste text to a PDF.
- Make your own pdf pages & presentations, freely implement your own design.
- Convert mp4 videos or Gif to a PDF or images.
- Convert PDFs to a Video or a GIF
- Annotate on a video frame to a pdf or to image.
- Capture a video from the device screen.
- Compress, merge, split PDFs.
- Paint new images or edit your own.
- Resize images singly or in batches.
- Remove or extract specific Pages from a PDF document.

* Our app doesn’t use servers, has no subscriptions or in-app purchases, & doesn't need internet, pay once and it will fully work offline whenever you will need it, this also means that you will be eliminating any risk to stop using it in the future plus full privacy.

* Design and create a PDF document from scratch anywhere any time in a minute.

* Add white or colored background to the page, add any photo as a PDF page background or freely append any kind of photos to your design, add colored charts, tables, add text & control its style or use the brush for handwriting, add watermarks, choose and append from the included Stickers, Emojis, wallpapers...your creativity is the main asset, and this is the tool.

* Very easy to use, add your item/s, resize or rotate it by two fingers drag it to your preferred position in the document by one finger press a button to get your document/s, just think in your design and go.

* Use the application built-in 'images picker' to choose and sort images inside the PDF, you can choose from multiple folders at once, or if you prefer you can use the normal android file manager to choose.

* A "Paint" function to paint your own images, overlay images, Brush, add background, add Text, cut(crop), rotate, emojis, stickers, draw transparent lines by your finger or make parts transparent automatically or even add a total transparent background.

In just few minutes...YOU CAN ↯

- Create a Compact, viewable, portable and visually appealing PDF document/s, books, presentations, CVs...etc.

- Make PDF photo albums, convert images to a PDF adding single or multiple images in each page, or convert any PDF into images.

- Convert text files or copy paste to a PDF document.

- Compress PDFs or Merge hundreds of PDFs even to Gigabytes size or Split PDFs to equal parts and define each part count.

- Summarize --> keep the wanted Pages or remove the unwanted ones from a PDF.

- Draw your own new images, overlay or fully edit your existing ones, resize images in batches from 1 to 9000 pixels without losing a transparent background.

- Extract images from a PDF.

- Convert Videos & GIFs to a PDF or into images.

- Make a video document --> videos gives more protection, use it for processes documentation, or to give a presentation or to explain a lesson or to submit a CV...etc. "This function is silent, means without voice recording, our free app 'VOPIX' can do a recording voice mission".

- Write notes on a video frames or append your images & shapes --> take it to a PDF document or as an image.

- Record your screen as a video then take it to a PDF or images.

- Trim a video by cutting the unwanted parts, or remove its sound, or take just the sound and remove its picture.

- Merge up to 5 videos into one.

- Convert courses/ lectures/ videos/ books/ photos/ social media feeds/ your chats or any kind of screen shots, videos or text to a PDF document.

- Organize and add any kind or number of Images or as long text as you want to a PDF document or divide a PDF document into pages, images or to smaller parts.

- Make your history, let it be available for generations, backup all of your events photos in a single PDF file and you will never lose any photos again.

- Write text or paste to a pdf using any language & choose pages background color.

- Summarize or group your books in one file.

Super easy, select Images, text, videos or PDFs then just press a button to do its function.

Google Play More details at Google Play
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    Hi guys, I have installed it on my Samsung but once the offer ended will it be still available to install for free using the same email address if i change my device? Sorry i am new to Android Thanks 🙏 (edited)
    should be, I have many 'temporarily free' apps that I have ported from phone to phone as I have upgraded. The app should be tied to your google account
  2. Avatar
    downloaded but doesn't seem to do much. i want it to add pdf documents together and it can't do that.
    Foxit Software do some pretty good Cross-Platform PDF 'flavours' of such. :-D

    (Eg. Windows, LINUX, Android, etc + online only too!).

    Which may be to your liking?

    As in, editing, annotating, and ...

    So on, and so forth? :-D
  3. Avatar
    We dont need an data stealing for these things to do . There are many websites you can do. Unless an apps which allows you to edit a pdf other are waste, IMHO
    The websites which do this tend to be anything but privacy-focused.

    On the face of it, this app is better because it works offline and doesn't collect or share data. Note that I said 'on the face of it' - I've not investigated.
  4. Avatar
    Anyone recommend a pdf creator/editor for pc that low cost.
  5. Avatar