Accurist Gents Divers Style Chronograph Watch.£34.99 half price read the full post...

Accurist Gents Divers Style Chronograph Watch.£34.99 half price read the full post...

Found 16th Jun 2008
posted a couple of months back, had to re-post this as its been such a fantastic watch. An absolute gem for work and at this price can take loads of knocks and still look great on wrist (even if its a little on the bling side) looks like the classic rolex design so try it out for yourself you will not be dissapointed

Would recommend to everyone at this price... if you missed fathers day yesterday well worth a punt to make up for it.

Thanks go to orginal poster: teerex
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would not pay £35 for this, i think it's ugly
Its all objective I suppose, I collect watches and although this is not a modern design watch it is fantastic value and therefore consider it a fantastic buy, Have just had a £800 dunhill watch repaired after only 14 months and have just sold a gucci watch costing £700 after problems. I guess it depends what your looking for. Sure, if I was going out on a black tie do I'd wear a nice omega seamaster but if your after reliability on a budget you cant get better than this.
i guess people are not keen on its design! Well I don't mind really im very happy (thanks to teerex)
Can't say I am keen on the design myself, a bargain though if you do and can find it in stock, problem seems to be that this item isn't showing in stock anywhere, not that I want to buy, just checked out of curiosity...for this reason alone...voted warm.

Always like Accurist, unlike a lot of budget watches its nice that they are a good old established British manufacturer, and generally have some nice styled watched. Can't say I am a fan of this style though, but each to their own.
I collect watches as well and think this is a nice looking watch at a great price.
Heat added.
Not in stock anywhere that I've tried - more than 20 stores. Mudds, as OP, did you check that it was in stock anywhere before posting this? If so, give us a clue where please, of not, then why waste everyone's time?
Hi there, I've just checked this morning and agree I now cannot find stock, I did check yesterday and stock was showing in Leicester Belgrave Gate, Coalville & Nuneaton. Seems there is still stock in Perry Barr (Birmingham) and Wellingborough (Northants) at present, if anyone else finds stock can you post... Thanks all
Its not that bad....!

Beats changing my battery in my tissot watch, quoted @ £30:x Some stupid seal that needs to be replaced for waterproof purposes :x
I hear that! big brands normally equal big prices!
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