Accurist watch £31.44 @ Amazon

Accurist watch £31.44 @ Amazon

Found 21st Jan 2017
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Only £27.38 in white/beige

Only £27.38 in white/beige

​Looks nice in beige but I'm sure the strap will start to look mucky after wearing it a few times.
Now at 29.38 in white/green
white/beige down to just over £25
white/beige £24.19 now
Panda dial chronographs are all the rage right now ... in an age where you are seeing fashion quartz watches no better than this one being palmed off for hundreds more than they're worth (Tag Heur, Michale Kors, are you listening?), you've got to have respect for an honest £30 watch like this one that gets all the basic elements right.

Nice size at 40mm - modern and fits on everyones right. Not too big for small wrists, not too small for big wrists. Good sweetspot.

Steel - better than gold plating.

Quartz movement - yup, prob a cheap £5 movement instead. What more do you really need in the greater scheme of things. Yes, grand mechanical movements worth hundreds or thousands have the street cred, but you if you just want your watch to tell the time you can't get more accurate than a good old cheap and cheerful quartz. Watch breaks - chuck it and buy a new one. Only bummer ... I love my sweeping second hand! Won't get that with a quartz, nor will you get that romance that comes with a mechanical movements.

So ... I won't bore you any further with my analysis. At time of writing this comment the watch is now around £50. I still maintain, from a design and styling standpoint, it's really nice. Accurist as a brand isn't going to give you any street cred, but if you don't care about that it's a nice looking chrono

On a side note, if you prefer mechanical watches (manual hand wound or automatic) ... Under £100-ish new, I would recommend the following brands al day long as they make good, honest, well finished stuff - Seiko, Orient, Citizen (notice the trend? All Japanese!)

Hope this helps.
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