AC/DC Black Ice (Digipak) CD........£6.99 + Quidco!

AC/DC Black Ice (Digipak) CD........£6.99 + Quidco!

Found 28th Oct 2008
Just seen this on BangCD and thought it was a great deal.....AC/DC's latest and current No1 album for £6.99 delivered. Don't forget Quidco(10%)......and if you havn't used BangCD before, you can sign up to the newsletter (which you'll get anyway when you order anything from them) and get another £1 off.

Great album by the way......just waiting for more live dates and hopefully a one in Brian Johnson's home town in Toon would be nice.

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Worth it if you're a fan. It's a pretty solid album, but not as good as the last one.

Got it for £5.99 from CD-Wow.

Also, don't hold out much hope of more live dates. Although, there is that gap in early April.

A tour of bigger venues, like festivals and such, is in the planning for the summer.

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Agreed, thought Stiff Upper was fact, my personal frave from the Johnson years.......Consistent from start to finish.....with the best "Should have been a single track" Can't hold me Back.

AC/ suggests that more dates are to come, so I'm checking every day for an update.....saw them in Sheffield on the last tour, so would be happy with that again......but they did do Newcastle Arena on the Hard as a Rock tour and that would just make my day. A day out the booze and 20 minutes from home......or 45 after those pints!

I'm hitting both London O2 shows

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I'm hitting both London O2 shows

Lucky sod! I knew I should have joined the fan club and plumped for Mank-Chester :x !
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