Ace Christmas catalogue 6 in 1 steam mop reduced to £37.99 with code @ 24ace

Ace Christmas catalogue 6 in 1 steam mop reduced to £37.99 with code @ 24ace

Found 2nd Oct 2013
6 in 1 steam mop reduced to £37.99, reduced down to £59.99, but if you add code 041 checkout it reduces further to £37.99.
Good deal IMO.
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nice find!
A review from amazon:

"The steam works great at getting my floors clean. It's a lot less messing around than mopping them with bleach, and the attachments like the steam jet help with cleaning other things as well.

But the construction of this thing feels too flimsy for me to fully recommend it. I could hear ominous noises from the handle and feel it flexing when I'm using the mop. You have to support it near its bottom as well as with the handle to feel sure that it's not going to break something. The power cable keeps coming out of its channel, and the overall construction just doesn't feel as good as it could have been.

Also, the water reservoir is rather small. I don't have a lot of uncarpeted flooring to work on so it's not a big problem for me, but someone with extensive areas they need to clean might find it problematic.

Fortunately I bought mine from a supermarket for far less than the advertised price here. At £30 which is what I paid I could recommend it with some reservation. At the list price here I don't think I could. "
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I have heard from family members that multi use steam cleaners they have used e.g 5-6 in ones feel a bit flimsy or weak where they come apart. I bought 2 stand alone units instead. At that price I would give it a go though.
Can you use the code on other things ?
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