Acer 22 inch LCD form Novatech

Acer 22 inch LCD form Novatech

Found 30th Jun 2009
This is a 22 inch LCD by a quite reputable company. The specs are :

16:9 Widescreen,
1680x1050 Resolution ,
5MS Response Time,
10000:1 Contrast Ratio,
DVI-D and VGA Inputs,

Sadly there is no HDMI connector on the Acer, but the other spec are pretty good. 3yr On-site Warranty is included for your peace of mind. There is also a LG 22 inch LCD for two quids more, can be seen on the direct link, which has almost identical spec.( LG W2252S)

You can use quidco to get addional 3% off.…ch/

They also offer free next day shipping for qualified members on their forum.

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