ACER 5633WLMI Laptop £150 OFF (£449.99 @ PC World)

ACER 5633WLMI Laptop £150 OFF (£449.99 @ PC World)

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Found 21st Aug 2007
ACER Laptop with very good specs, for a very good price.

Showing as a web exclusive online price only, but can be reserved to be collected instore at your local branch, if in stock!

If reserved, no need to pay P+P.

End date? I guess when they run out!

For the detailed specs, follow the link.

Basically, Core 2 Duo T5500 667FSB, 1024MB RAM, 160GB HDD.


Can't say I've heard the best things about Acer laptops... I'm sure someone will find this useful though.

Acers are great I think, i have two laptops, never had any faults with them, never needed anything replacing.

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i have seen problems with many a laptop be it e-machine, acer, sony, toshiba, asus. many of the problems come down to user errors.

some people just dont know how to treat their machinery!

once a sony laptops usb port stopped working........under warranty, sonys used the port too much and caused the problem, hence we are not touching it!

again sony laptop, motherboard went kapputt (technical jargon), under warranty, were not touching it because you some how damaged the motherboard without opening the screws, or physically damaging the laptop, £300 repair job!

from the acers i have seen and used, no problems!

better value for your money

The in-store price would be £599.99 I presume.

Same model is (only) slightly cheaper at £446.44 here:

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We have had two Acer laptops, and would recommend the "Laptop Warranty Upgrade to 3 Years Inc Accidental Damage" (on the above model £89.89) especially if you have any children. Laptop stability on any surface & kids don't seem to mix well... and the Accidental Damage coverage came in very handy!

Point of note, though, I have an Acer Ferrari 4005WMLi at present & it is seriously overheating! Had it since January 2006. Bought from the above site (CET UK Limited /



Don't buy anything from Shopacer (CET) as they are in administration

Cheers voted hot, going into PC world tomorrow to pick up a laptop for my sister for uni (would order online, but she heads off during the week so need something from a brick and mortar). This looks like it will do nicely!


Don't buy anything from Shopacer (CET) as they are in administration


Sorry, I didn't know. Do you have any text/link(s) on this?





The in-store price would be £599.99 I presume.

not if you buy online with store pick up :whistling:
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