Acer A110 N270 1GB 16GB 8.9" White XP 3G £239.00 A150 £269 @ Tesco
Acer A110 N270 1GB 16GB 8.9" White XP 3G £239.00 A150 £269 @ Tesco

Acer A110 N270 1GB 16GB 8.9" White XP 3G £239.00 A150 £269 @ Tesco

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As it says above decent netbook with integrated 3G. Also available in blue.

A150 version available for £269 as well.

window xp
atom n270 1.6ghz
1gb ram
wifi bluetooth


£199.99 @ ]Play

Good find however I would personally go for the model on at the bottom of your linked page which has x10 the hard drive (160gb against 16gb) - Just a thought!!

]Link to 160gb version

Only £30.00 more with similar features 3G etc


£199.99 @ ]Play

Also comes with Linux and not XP, big no-no for some.

However when I am looking for a netbook with max battery life I would still prefer a SSD (even 16GB) than 160Gb as I can ramp up the memory using a USB stick or SDHC card

Not sure why you need the 3g. I use the acer one netbook I have with a Vodafone dongle which is 3g so why do you need this built into the computer? If you just want this to surf a Linux boots very quickly and works fine. Different story if you want office etc, but if you want that you are better off with a larger screen.

If you want office on linux then go for OpenOffice. Don't know why people are so afraid of linux - it's just like MS Windows.....only better :-)

I agree with the comment about a dongle - more flexible, since you can use it in a laptop, netbook, desktop etc..

Where have you all been for the last 2 weeks? The £99/£129 deal at Tesco seems to be pretty much all gone now but you can be sure the prices on these are about to tumble as the new models arrive. These prices are hardly competitive, certainly not a 'deal'.

Expensive. Not a deal. New models out at this price are far better.
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