Acer AL2416WB - 24" TFT Monitor - £246.88 Delivered!
Acer AL2416WB - 24" TFT Monitor - £246.88 Delivered!

Acer AL2416WB - 24" TFT Monitor - £246.88 Delivered!

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* Acer AL2416WB
* Flat panel display
* 24"
* widescreen
* 1920 x 1200
* 400 cd/m2
* 1000:1
* 5 ms
* black, silver

No DVI unfortunately, though the same model on play.com is listed as having it (albeit at a higher price) so who knows.

Product is currently on back order at IT247 but for the price it might be worth a shot!


Absolute bargain if they ever come into stock. Maybe a misprice?

Ooooohhhhh. Shame about the lack of DVI though. This is definitely on my Christmas List.


Ooooohhhhh. Shame about the lack of DVI though. This is definitely on my … Ooooohhhhh. Shame about the lack of DVI though. This is definitely on my Christmas List.

Acer website states "Analog or Dual Input (DVI w/HDCP)". I'm tempted by this deal too :thumbsup:

Probably no DVI in the UK due to the stupid tax the British government have on any product using a DVI socket ....
Acer have a few models which are just blatently missing a DVI connection because Acer try to get the cheapest price

The Acer website actually has 2 models listed. AL2416WA (with DVI) and AL2416WAs (without DVI). Can't see AL2416WB listed!

Probably not a mis-price, but they are clearance items, as there seem to be a new generation of 24" screens around - No idea about the difference though! :-)

It looks to me as if they're unlikely to get stock though, as eBuyer has them listed at ~£260 with no stock, while Play also has them listed (at ~£300), but with no stock.

Usually when there are lots of sites with the same item listed around the same price, all out of stock, it means that the item's are yet to be delivered, as my post above indicates.

When I ordered a 20" videoseven monitor for my father last year loads of sites had it listed at around £150 but none had any stock, it was because they were all yet to receive any from the manufacturer and they all had some two weeks later

I am quite confident there will be plenty available at this price

These Specs are taken from the ebuyer site;

Resolution: 1920x1200
Contrast: 1000:1
Brightness: 400cd/m2
Response: 5ms
Colours: 16.7M (8 color bit) - (92%NTSC colour situation)
Dual (VGA and DVI w/HDCP)
Viewing Angle: 160°/160°
Pixel Pitch: 0.270mm
Display Size: 547x352mm
Vista Compatible

As you can see there is a 160 viewing angle, which suggests this is a TN panel. This would tie in to the low price and the current unavailability. Manufacturers are only just starting to produce 24" TN panels, the samsumg 245bw being one of the first (£345 at ebuyer).

It is also listed as having dvi and vga on every website I've seen (apart from it247). I would guess that you could order one, and if it arrives without DVI you could send it back.

Great price, good find, I think I'll order one.

eta of 1 week for stock here:
Also stock 10/08/2007 here:

When I bought a 20" videoseven monitor for my father last lots of websites ahd it listed around £150 all out of stock. With in two weeks they all had stock, it was just because the manufacturer hadn't delivered any yet but they all had orders placed.

I very much doubt it's clearance stock, just Acer cheap prices

May not be specifically a great deal re IT247 but its a good heads-up of cheap 24" monitors heading this way. To be honest I'm surprised an anaolgue signal can actually drive a resolution as high as 1920x1200 so I'd definately look for a digital input for image quality reasons, but this is making me think twice about spending £200 on a 22" model!

Only a warm vote as its not in stock, but thanks to the OP as it may be a sign of good things to come

This is definitely not old stock, it is brand new stock. So new, it's not in stock! From what I've found on various german forums this is part of acer's value line, so the price does make sense. Just trying to find information on this monitor is difficult, so it is clearly brand new.

Samsung started the 24" price war with a TN panel at £345 (which I thought was great value) but this is really pushing things! Without a DVI connection I would probably reconsider this monitor, but let's wait and see what turns up.

I'll get excited about it when i can actually buy one... They can list all the bargain prices they like, it means nothing unless you can buy it.

reminds me of an old joke:...

Guy goes into a auto breakers yard and asks if they have a door for a Ford van. The yard owner replies
"Yes, we have one, the price is £20"
The guy says
"I've just been to the yard down the road and they are only charging £10"
Yard owner replies:
"Go buy one down the road then"
Guy says:
"They have none in stock down the road"
Yard owner replies:
"When we have none in stock our price is £5"
So guy says:
"Great, I'll come back when you have none"... and leaves.


Just in case anyone was chasing one, dropped to £192 excluding delivery.

There's also another 24" for under £200 in one of the threads.
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