Acer Aspire 3054 Laptop - £275 @ ASDA (in store) !

Acer Aspire 3054 Laptop - £275 @ ASDA (in store) !

Found 21st Aug 2007
Just been in local Asda and seen the Acer Aspire 3054 going up for £275.00. Spec is 15.4" screen, 512mb RAM, 80 gig hard drive, wireless enabled, VISTA basic installed. Realise that this is'nt the best laptop on the market but for £275 could be ideal for those on a budget.


Hi Geordietrucker,

Are you sure its Acer Aspire 3054 ?

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PS: Couldnt find this online but sure someone will post link if they do;-) .

Another thread on this topic :-

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Yep Acer Aspire 3054....just seen in Asda Blyth:)

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Hi Edi....yep seen that one on threads but definately 3054 model on show

How much ram does this include as i've seen different reports of 512 and 1gb (neither are really enough for vista mind)

its 512 MB and it is the 3054. The other thread is wrongly quoting the model no. defo the 3054 which doesn't seem to be for sale in the UK.

I could swear this is the 3694, will check the box again tonight and will let all know...should i take it back if it is the 3054?

no, it is the 3694, but asda are advertising it is the 2054, confusing huh!

I reckon it's a good deal. I'd keep it

Just to confirm its a 3694. Bought on yesterday
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