ACER ASPIRE 4920 14.1" Laptop Duo Processor, 2GB ram and 120GB hard Drive for just £499.99 delivered
ACER ASPIRE 4920 14.1" Laptop Duo Processor, 2GB ram and 120GB hard Drive for just £499.99 delivered

ACER ASPIRE 4920 14.1" Laptop Duo Processor, 2GB ram and 120GB hard Drive for just £499.99 delivered

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Saw this on TV yesterday and since my bro is looking for a 14.1" laptop, this seems to be one of the better value laptops for this size and has a huge memory, good processor and a nice size harddrive all for under £500 including free delivery or is available for collection but you won't be able to claim 2.5% Quidco.

I'm pretty sure this also has a webcam included and has a clip on black back, which makes it look quite sleek.

After Quidco, this works out as £487.49, so I feel it represents excellent value.

Hope this helps.

Features for this ACER ASPIRE 4920

- Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 Processor
- 1.5GHZ, 667MHz FSB, 2 MB Cache
- Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
- 2 GB Memory Size
- 120 GB Hard Drive Capacity
- DVD-SuperMulti Dual Layer Optical Drives
- 14.1" WXGA Screen
- Intel Graphics Media Acceler Graphics
- Wireless Enabled
- 2.68 kg Weight


This weighs as much as a 15.4” model but has a slow CPU also with last generation 667MHz FSB, relatively small hard drive and isn’t even cheap or a good brand. The only good thing I can say is at least it has 2GB of RAM.

Excuse me while I go and grab my winter coat. Brrrrrr.

Acer is a good brand, good offer voted hot

excuse me while I get my speedos on:|

Acer are fine if your only criteria is price but this isn’t even cheap. Look at the Dell deals in the last week and you see better value and with the Dell’s you can even tweak the spec a bit if you want a larger battery, Bluetooth or a 3 year warranty etc.

Judging by some of the recent PC deals voted hot here I can only surmise that many people here are trigger happy.

Original Poster

The prices that Dell state are prodominantly 15.4" but not everyone wants that.

Don't forget that most of the prices stated with the same spec can have a £100 price difference with the same laptop but a little bit smaller and in this instance, my brother doesn't want a laptop any bigger than 14.1".

I've only heard bad things about Acer (poor build quality, rubbish customer services etc.), personally I'd steer clear of Acer. They do tend to have good deals on laptops but their quality and service will let you down somewhere down the line IMO.

The thing is, most people who want a laptop with a 14" screen or smaller want ti to be portable. (Don't know if thats the case with your bro). But at 2.68kg, it's going to feel like your lugging around a bag of bricks!!

Ive had two Acer laptops and both have been fine, not had a problem with either of them. I have a Dell now and apart from the great spec for the price its no better

Novatech have a 14" for £410. Not too clever on comp specs these days, but here's the link..


Voted cold, reason being you can probably pick up a similar spec laptop in one of the Dell deals saving yourself almost £100 on this overpriced junk. Dell delivery can take a couple of weeks which can be an disadvantage over this nevertheless I would rather save £100 and spend elsewhere and wait than buy this.

It's a hot deal because it has a Core 2 Duo processor (not to be confused with the lesser Core Duos or Pentiums), the screen is the practical (but generally more expensive) 14.1" and, for me, the DVD Rewriter supports DVD-RAM which means that I can watch the RAM discs from my Panasonic DVD recorder.
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