ACER ASPIRE 5315 15" GEMSTONE LAPTOP NEW Argos Clearance £225.98 delivered.
ACER ASPIRE 5315 15" GEMSTONE LAPTOP NEW Argos Clearance £225.98 delivered.

ACER ASPIRE 5315 15" GEMSTONE LAPTOP NEW Argos Clearance £225.98 delivered.

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Over 600 of these available.

Listed under refurbed but also says brand new - not sure ubt either way bargain surely, especially is brand new.

Pretty new to this posting, be nice, my first.


doesn't say what spec it is but looks like a good deal

1.7GHZ Celeron Solo Core Processor.

Seems cheap, I would be tempted if the hinges on my acer laptop had not cracked. Has put me off the brand.

I have got one of these. I used it for 2 years before buying a new laptop. Only retired this one as I wanted Windows 7 and it wasn't economically viable to upgrade. I've kept it as a spare though.

Plus points:
- its very solidly built. I never had any problems with the hinges.
- the soundcard seems much better than most laptops I have used. Great quality stereo with the headphones in.

Negative points:

- Windows Vista runs frustratingly slow on it. Thats one of the reasons why I upgraded. I would say only buy if you have a free copy of windows 7 courtesy of play.com for example...
- The battery is crap. After a year of careful use, it would stop charging at 92% and the light would start flashing. I ended up buying a spare one off ebay. Battery life was about 2 hours.
- It's very heavy for a laptop (but thats probably why it seems solidly built). It's also slightly larger than most laptops with the same screen size.

It's a bargain for this price though- i paid £379 for mine a few years ago.

The 5315 model is awful and I'd stay away from. I had one about two years ago. Noisy fan which comes on/off even when idle, very irritating. Only runs Windows Vista well. With XP, Ubuntu and W7 you get a lot of overheating problems. It was a fault in the BIOS and I don't know if it was updated by Acer since. (Just google Acer 5315 in the Ubuntu Forum)
I am not surprised they have over 600 for sale

had one of these for 2 years, good price, it has 1gb of ram, first thing to do is drop another 1gb in, agree with battery comments, acer 4 cell are hopeless! for the price u can't go far wrong.

Good deal for a full laptop (much faster and more capable than netbooks normally around this price)

If it had a dual core chip it would be a good deal IMO.

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Why has this been expired and how do I unexpire it?

Is there only me who thinks a 15" laptop with Vista, nearly 2ghz by acer for 225 delivered is a stonkingly good deal?!

This has been relisted for an almost identical price:

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