Acer Aspire 5315 / Celeron M 530 1.7GHz / 1GB / 80GB/ 15.4" / DVD-SM / Vista Home Premium / Laptop /
Acer Aspire 5315 / Celeron M 530 1.7GHz / 1GB / 80GB/ 15.4" / DVD-SM / Vista Home Premium / Laptop /

Acer Aspire 5315 / Celeron M 530 1.7GHz / 1GB / 80GB/ 15.4" / DVD-SM / Vista Home Premium / Laptop /

Buy forBuy forBuy for£299
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cheapest laptop i,ve seen for a while with free delivery
low specs but good for students or kids Christmas present who just like to surf the net..offer starts 16/11/2007


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Specifications :whistling:

* Processor: Intel Celeron M processor 530 1.7GHz
* Memory:1GB
* HD Capacity: 80 Gb
* Display: 15.4"
* Graphics Card: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
* Operating System: Vista Home Premium
* Optical Drive: DVD Super-Multi
* Networking: GLAN, WiFi
* Size (WxDxH): 366 (W) x 274 (D) x 33.6/42.6 (H) mm
* Weight: 2.8kg
* Full Specifications:
* Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
* Chipset: Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset
* CPU Section:
* Microprocessor Full Name:Intel Celeron M processor 530
* Microprocessor Manufacturer:Intel
* Microprocessor Speed (GHz):1.7
* L2 Cache (KB):1Mb
* Frontside Bus (MHz):533
* Memory:
* Memory Speed (MHz):533
* Memory Type:DDR2
* Memory Size (MB):1024 Mb
* Max Memory Size:2Gb
* Hard Disk Drive:
* Hard Drive Capacity (GB):80 Gb
* Hard Drive Type:S-ATA
* Optical Drive:
* Optical Drive Type:8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive
* Optical Drive Fitting:Built In
* Optical Drive Speed Read:24X CD-ROM, 24X CD-R, 24X CD-RW, 8X DVD-ROM, 8X DVD-R, 8X DVD+R, 6X DVD-ROM DL (double-layer), 6X DVD-R DL (double-layer), 6X DVD+R DL (double-layer), 6X DVD-RW, 6X DVD+RW, 5X DVD-RAM
* Optical Drive Speed Write:24X CD-R, 16X CD-RW, 8X DVD-R, 8X DVD+R, 4X DVD-R DL (double-layer), 4X DVD+R DL (double-layer), 6X DVD-RW, 8X DVD+RW, 5X DVD-RAM
* Display:
* Display Type:Acer Crystalbrite
* Diagonal Size (in):15.4"
* Resolution Format:1280 x 800
* Resolution Type:WXGA
* Graphics:
* Graphic Card Full Name:Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
* Memory:128 Mb Shared
* Interfaces:
* DC in:YES
* Audio out:YES
* Audio out Type:Headphone/speaker/line-out jack
* Microphone Jack:YES
* RJ-11 Direct Port (Modem):YES
* RJ-45 Direct Port (Network):YES
* USB Port (quantity):3
* VGA Connector for Monitor:YES
* Express Card Slot:YES
* Express Card Type:ExpressCard/54
* Battery:
* Battery Type:53.3 W 4800 mAh Li-ion battery pack (6-cell) - 2 hour battery life
* Connectivity
* Built-in Modem:YES, 56K ITU V.92
* Integrated Wireless LAN:YES, InviLink 802.11b/g
* Ethernet network:10/100MHz Ethernet
* Multimedia:
* Intel High Definition Audio compatible:YES
* Built-in Stereo Speakers:YES
* Windows Sound System Compatible:YES
* Features:
* Special Buttons:Easy Launch Buttons: WLAN, Internet, Email, Acer Arcade, Empowering Key, Volume Wheel
* Supplied Accessories
* AC Adaptor:Yes
* Battery:Yes
* Power Cord:Yes

Can anyone confirm if this has a webcam built in and if it is indeed Vista Home Premium?
Acer describe it as having a webcam but nowhere else does while other suppliers only list Vista Home Basic as the OS.

Play have messed up many times on spec...

Also, is this any good for an 11 year old's first laptop? Don't want to spend too much but pointless getting something that can't even run the Sims for her...:)

Remember that there is a £5 off £50+ spend voucher for play.com, so it's £294

can some1 also confirm if it has bluetooth

just ordered one, for price decent offer, will def do my 11yr old, currently have acer 2310 with 64mb graphics and it runs the sims2, this model has 128mb graphics. clearly says vista premium, have seen same model on other sites with vista basic, maybe the reason for delay on stock (16/11), don't know about webcam, spec does not mention it.

Well this looks like a good price for a cheap laptop. My little sister is after a simple laptop for things like playing the sims so this might be just right. No cheaper laptops anywhere else?

A £300 laptop with 1GB ain't bad.

Dont Forget Quidco

Saw this in comet today, also available on thiere web site:


I did also see one with a core2 duo centrino processor and i think 120/160gb hd for £350 which i thought was a good deal. It may have been this one:


But it was £350 unlike the website. A bit heavy though i think.

Very good price, however Vista will run quite slow with the Celeron processor and 1gb RAM. Still a super buy for basic computing though.


freebiehunter, don't think 1gb ram will be that slow with vista p, had acer 2310 running vista ultimate with 704mb ram/64mb shared graphics, it ran fine,as long as you keep on top of housework - defrag regularly,startup items, however running heavier progs like video editing is another story but hey this will easily do a teenager in bedroom, the usa went to the moon with computing power equivilant to..............????? u know what i mean.

good price for basic laptop

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ordered mine today


Very good price, however Vista will run quite slow with the Celeron … Very good price, however Vista will run quite slow with the Celeron processor and 1gb RAM. Still a super buy for basic computing though.Steve

[SIZE=1]You could be right about the 'slowness', but one can add ]1Gb[/SIZE]][SIZE=1] RAM for only £13.99[/SIZE][SIZE=1] - providing there's a free slot & it's compatible memory of course.[/SIZE]

Not a particularly good laptop. The Celeron is the lowest spec cpu that Intel make, the Sempron being AMD's equivalent. For an extra £60 you could plump for an AMD 64bit Turion in this model ;

Acer Aspire 5051AWXMi Laptop AMD Turion 64 MK36 2 GHz 1024MB 120GB DVD-RW SuperMulti 14.1\" TFT Windows Vista Home Basic


the bundle includes an extra 1GB of RAM ( total 2GB ) and comes with ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 integrated 3D graphics on board too.

I would never opt for the lowest end CPU if buying a laptop, even for a child. Lets face it, children are going to want to play games and the required specifications are always going to be ahead of what you have installed. So give yourself a little head start and go for the slightly more expensive option for a better longevity. The Celeron cpu and Intel GPU will mean that your laptop will not support the software that your kids want to use. If this isn't the case now then it will certainly be the case in a year or two!

The Acer that I have mentioned above is not necessarily the best alternative out there I have simply picked this one out as an example. The key is to have a look around at the specs for the CPU and GPU. The memory will more than likely be appropriate for the CPU and Operating System that has been included but as memtioned in a previous post it os a fairly simple and cheap component to upgrade or expand upon. Same goes for the Hard drive space which if you are using the machine from home frequently can be upgraded with an external USB2 drive at £50 for over 100GB these days. Remember CPU and GPU are the things to look at first.

Another thing to be aware of is the aesthetics of the machine and the screen quality. A number of Acer and other brand machines come these days with the smiley keyboard (the keyboard is curved up at the ends for ergonomic purpose) which is not to everyones taste. As an example of the ergonomics issue I have recently used a friend's Sony Vaio and I was far from impressed with the short keystroke on the keyboard compared to my wife's Toshiba! That and screen quality variation (a feature that is superb on the Sony) means that it is vital to go and have a play with a number of machines in PCWorld before you go and buy the brand and or model that you have seen posted on here for a bargain price.

Voted warm as its about on the money for the specification.

just got the acer 5315 today, my greatest fear was correct, it is vista basic, not as advertised premium, i even e-mailed play.com a few days ago to verify the os, no reply. Phoned within 2mins of recieving del, yes they r aware of os, had lots of customers complaining, let down by supplier, play.com already advertised as premium, offered return, collect monday. Calmed down now,decided to keep, not much better on net, phoned play.com again to request some form of compensation, they r looking into it, i asked for vista premium disk or web cam, hopefully they will come up with web cam, will keep u informed if i get anything.

offered me £10 credit, better than nowt!!
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