ACER ASPIRE 5315 GEMSTONE LAPTOP £199.99 Delivered @ Argos clearance bargains

ACER ASPIRE 5315 GEMSTONE LAPTOP £199.99 Delivered @ Argos clearance bargains

Found 17th Aug 2010
Basic laptop but at £200 its a bargain. If you vote cold please state why

Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
The Intel Celeron mobile processor 1.7Ghz
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950
80GB Serial ATA hard
The Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
put windows xp on it and you got a 15" netbook


cos it looks horrible

I have one of these i had it as a replacement for a broken one and its not bad runs windows7 no trouble i upped the ram but the sweet thing about it is everything is accessible via panel's on the bottom including the CPU so upgrades are easy and id much rather have this than a netbook as its a lot faster and at £199 its a decent machine £13 for another 1gb of memory and you have a decent kids laptop


looks horrible, they haven't sold 1 yet so can't be that much of a bargain

"If you vote cold please state why"

who are you? our teacher?

i'm using this model now, yes i'm happy with it but i'm still voting cold, why, your comment.


sold a few now, seems to be cheaper than elsewhere but still looks horrible

Heat. This isn't a terrible processor, and will whip an atom any day. I'd up the ram and put win7 on as well!

Gma950 doesn't support video acceleration, but should be ok with ripped hd material like mkv's, even if it can't handle full-fat blu-ray.

Good for my my mum, who is struggling along on a nine year old pentium M laptop with 256mb ram and a dying hard drive (the laptop, not my mum)!

Thankyou computerman

Purchased a couple of weeks ago and must say it is value for money..what use is a 10 inch notebook for about the same money .Good find in my opinion

Good price for what it is, and I suppose regarding its looks beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Voted hot.

£200 for a brand new laptop with 12m guarantee is excellent value

Ideal for pensioners / school kids who don't need or want the addee extras

Unfortunelty this won't get hot due to the 'i will buy anything shiny with an apple badge' crowd

I paid £249 for mine a year ago. Pretty decent laptop. Only downsides are...

1) Have to have a light on to use it, due to the White buttons with Grey letters/numbers (even the light from the screen doesn't light them up).
2) Have to move the screen back & forth to see it properly.
3) Vista Home basic - I don't like it. Though thats only my opinion.
4) Sometimes you have to take the battery out and put back in, because the screen looks cracked and appears to 'bleed'. But goes back to normal when I do this.

Worth £199 easily. Doesn't look horrible IMO.

Blimey 130 sold now...shifting quick !!

I had one of those. I had a lot of problems with over-heating (there was a lot of trouble with this model, just google). I wouldn't recommend this model because it is very heavy compared to other laptops and also very noisy (fan comes on and off all the time, even when idle). Another £50 buys you a decent Tosh or Compaq (from the same seller).

price has dropped from £229 three weeks ago. They must be desperate to shift these

great deal need one of these as a first lap top

348 people hAppy to buy thisin less than 6 hours and only 27 degrees heat . Hukd s getting odder by the week


"if you vote cold..."
Yep, I did. Because you asked
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