Acer Aspire 7520 17" laptop £299.99 delivered

Acer Aspire 7520 17" laptop £299.99 delivered

Found 13th Jun 2008
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core TK55
Memory: 2*512MB RAM
Hard Drive: 80GB Hard Disk Drive
Graphics Card: NVIDIA nFORCE 630M Chipset with NVIDIA GeForce 7000M
Optical Drive: DVD SuperMulti, CD/DVD reader/writer for all types of CD/DVD discs
Audio: Dolby Digital Live surround sound
Connectivity: Wireless LANB/G, 4 x USB 2.0 Ports, 5 in 1 Card Reader
Operating System: Windows� Vista Premium:Additional Software: Acer Empowering Technology, Acer Arcade, Norton Internet Security Trial, Adobe Reader, NTI CD Maker
Display Size: 17" WXGA TFT Display with Acer CrystalBrite technology


Acer = Nasty

lol read some of the reviews for this:

5 hours and i sent it back

I brought this laptop as a replacement for a dell and although i have never had an acer computer before i was impressed with the high spec/low price it offered.

my first impression was that it was a bit flimsy, the large (very shiny reflective) screen makes it unbalanced and slightly wobbly even on a flat surface and the dvd drive was even less robust.
I would have accepted these cosmetic faults if the performance had been up to scratch but the AMD processor makes hard work of vista and the sound was abysmal.
By the time it failed to connect to my router and on finding the acer tech support line is a premium rate number i'd had enough.
I cant fault amazons easy to use returns policy which was prompt and efficient.
But the response of the DHL driver when he collected it was the most telling review of all "oh suprise another acer computer".

Good price for "A" laptop, however the Acer brand is pants!, the build quality on even the most expensive acer models is a joke.

I'm not a fan of any make or model, but buy a dell or something decent branded for this money.

don't waste you money on an acer for crying out loud

i love my acer laptop no faults with it 18 months on!

Dad's got one, very impressive.

acer are ****, i've owned both a dell and an acer, acer does'nt hold a candle would'nt even want to comment on acer's customer service :x

During the 14 months I have had my acer my mate has had 2 dell laptops (one just outside the warranty period) die on him.

I know this dont prove anything though - just to say its not clear cut:)


And as an Acer tech who also sells LOADS OF THEM DAY IN DAY OUTacertechie

LOL nuff said, i aint even gonna rise to ya reply mate :whistling:

Acer are *****. They only sell a lot of laptops because people dont know any better and they are sucked in by the low price and high spec. They have one of the worst build qualities of any manufacturer and their customer support is lower than low. Ive had 3 of their laptops and all have had problems. Now have a dell and is a lot better than my previous acers. Even told a mate not to get an acer. He did and it broke a few days later.

I have a three year old Acer - faultless, well designed, sturdy, and reliable. Acers are well constructed and usually excellent value. They are usually well reviewed.

However their after sales service does have a reputation for being slow.

I must add that Dell's after sales service is not what it used to be. I recommended a Vostro to a colleague for his son. The laptop was effectively DOA as it failed within 24 hours - it took Dell over 4 weeks to replace it!!

Upgrade to Vista Ultimate for £29.99 on this laptop & others @ Amazon:…e=2


I am on my first Dell (recommended as a deal on this forum, absolute bargain at about £250). Anyway, I previously owned three Acer's. My opinion would be that the Acers were all excellent laptops. I had no problems other than some dead pixels (laptop was returned to Comet for replacement). So three Acer's with no problems, all sold privately after one year for not much less than I paid for them. My Dell laptop just does not feel same quality, it is a Vostro so is built to a certain specification. However, it does also have some issues. I am having ongoing problems with sound. The DVD drive does not eject when the eject button is pressed and DVD playback is extremely jerky and the poor sound quality is also out of sync. with picture. I am going to have to call Dell about these problems.
So my experiences so far would tend to suggest that Dell laptops are inferior to Acer. However, I am sensible enough to know that my limited experience is really not enough to justify me making sweeping subjective statements about either brand. Just my tuppence worth and in my opinion looks like a good deal for a 17" laptop, not my thing really as 15" is more than enough for me.

Acertechie, your gonna say that acer are the best arent you!

Frankly I wouldn't have an acer given to me (if i did, i would make a will it blend video on youtube)

Your customer support is just plain bull ****!, your repair service enginneers need a really good kick up the ****! and your head office is just damm right ignorant.

I'm not the only one here who has had problems with acer, and no it wasnt just a one off!, If anyone asks me about notebooks now, the first thing i say is "dont buy an acer" in fact, I was in dixons the other day and some family was looking at one, some sales guy was flying the flag, I had to step in an put him right, they ended up buying a Sony and spent £700 that would of been spent on a ****** acer!, so if quite alot of people do this sort of thing, then you might be out of a job very soon :-D

btw this deal is voted COLD

well i think it's a good deal, i've had the same acer laptop for over 3 years now with no trouble at all.

Hot from me


Acer is utter junk. runs like a slug


Acer is utter junk. runs like a slug

lol here here :thumbsup:
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