Acer Aspire one A150L - 120GB - White Laptop £172.25 + £7.94 Delivery @ shopacer
Acer Aspire one A150L - 120GB - White Laptop £172.25 + £7.94 Delivery @ shopacer

Acer Aspire one A150L - 120GB - White Laptop £172.25 + £7.94 Delivery @ shopacer

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* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66Ghz
* Screen: 14.1" Widescreen CrystalBrite LCD Display
* Hard Drive: 120GB Hard Drive
* Memory: 2048MB RAM
* Optical Drive: DVD-RW
* Grahpics: Integrated
* Wireless: 802.11b/g
* Webcam: Yes, Integrated
* Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium
* Other Items: 1 year warranty, 5 in 1 card reader


[size=3]Upgrading RAM[/SIZE]
Currently, all available models of the Acer Aspire (regardless of colour, HDD/SSD, 512Mb/1Gb RAM) have 512Mb hard-soldered on to the motherboard with only one available DDR2 SO-DIMM slot. There is a limit of 1Gb in that slot and so that means you can only have a maximum of 1.5Gb of total RAM. With the 1Gb Aspires, there is already a 512MB stick present in the slot and so you would waste a 512Mb stick in order to replace it with 1Gb one.

[SIZE="1"]Some say that it's possible to put a 2Gb stick in the slot and just end up with 2Gb total rather than 2.5Gb. However, others say that this is not possible due to a limitation ASUS has put on the BIOS that they supply, which results in non-booting. The Intel chipset in use would normally support 2Gb but it is Asus that have blocked us users from being able to do so. If anyone has any links showing that a 2Gb stick does actually work and the AAOne can boot then please feel free to share the link (^_^)[/SIZE]

[size=3]Add more disk space with SSD models[/SIZE]
The SSD drive present in all Aspire Ones are 1.8inch IDE form factor and so can ony be upgraded with another SSD or normal HDD of the 1.8inch variety. The more common size is the 2.5inch and this will NOT physically fit inside the case of the Aspire One.

[SIZE="3"]Add more disk space with HDD models[/SIZE]
In the HDD models, the drive in use is a standard 2.5inch SATA type, much like those used in modern day notebooks and even the PS3. The underside of the casing on these models is different in that there is a *very* slight bulge in order to accomodate the slightly larger form factor. You can replace the drive with another 2.5inch SATA HDD drive of larger capacity or go for an aftermarket SSD if you want to spend as much (or more) on that than you did on the Aspire one itself :-D

[size=3]How easy is it to do any of the above?[/SIZE]
Not very. There are no easy to access compartments underneath the Aspire One to upgrade either the RAM or the HDD/SSD. If you want an idea of how far you need to go to do anything inside the Aspire One then have a quick scroll through this...


[size=3]The other method of adding more disk space[/SIZE]
The Aspire One has two Secure-Digital slots, one on the left hand side and one on the right. The one on the left can be used to expand the storage already present on the Aspire One, regardless of whether it's the SSD or the HDD model. Insert an SD card into that slot and the available space will be combined with what's already available. Eg your SSD is down to 4Gb free and you added a 16Gb empty SDHC card. Your total available space then jumps up to 20Gb! I haven't actually used this feature myself yet so I can't say for sure how the OS decided where the files should go first, fill up the SSD/HDD first and then overflow to the SDHC or some kind of mix.


Those stats on the OP don't add up...

The stats match the link. Seems like a bargain. Does not mention anywhere it being a refurb though. Gonna go for one but will wait to see comments.

The spec comes from the website, which is inconsistent with the product name.

What's the model number? Can't find it on google.

Yep, those specs are not for an Aspire One.

I think ShopAcer have got crossed wires on there promotion as those stats are definately not an Aspire One A150. They dont come with 14" screens, max memory capability is only 1.5Gb, usan Intel Atom proccessor not Core Duo and never seen one preloaded with Vista (on a netbook?????)

Indeed, specs are from a 4920 if I'm any judge. It does show correct specs on front screen though. ]HERE

Those specs are garbage and are completely wrong. Should be single core Atom, 1GB Ram, 10" screen. no Optical Drive and list goes on.

Strange site, can't find any button to add item to basket? Scam?


Strange site, can't find any button to add item to basket? Scam?

That was my first thought...perhaps the site is currently being worked on

Also states Please Note: Pictures are for illustration only. Ports and features on the pictures may not always be what that part code has. Please ensure you check the specifications of each model listed on the site....so it's the spec that counts..that will be funny

It may be hacked already.

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well if the spec counts, they will honour it right?

Highly suspect website!!!... I wouldnt risk putting my card details in there... No response on the telephone number mentioned in the site!!! COLD for me...

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Domain name:

Link Media

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 06671108)

Registrant's address:
Titan House, Station Road
West Yorkshire
LS18 5PA

Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]
URL: heartinternet.co.uk

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 12-Feb-2003
Renewal date: 12-Feb-2011
Last updated: 03-Apr-2009

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 11:12:59 08-Apr-2009

Where is the ORDER button????

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login maybe:w00t:

NO, I tried.

Registered here too, says 20 in stock no order button here either/

I'm not entirely sure this online merchant should be allowed on HUKD if you can't order online, what a absurd way to run a business.

Shop Acer
15 Blagden Lane
West Yorkshire
That looks awfully residential.
Dodgier and dodgier...

Shopacer stopped trading ages ago. I think for a time the URL was managed by some company based in Northern Ireland.
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