Acer Aspire PC £435.23 @ Dabs

Acer Aspire PC £435.23 @ Dabs

Found 3rd Aug 2010
Wanted to buy one of these, great price (under £450) for such a high spec machine, was put off due to it being a refurbs and only 30 days warranty.Seems they have now started giving 90 days warranty for the same price and so I bought one.  When it arrived it was as good as new and I couldn’t tell                                                                                     why it was called refurbished.


Here's an alternative

Slightly lower spec, but a hell of a lot cheaper! And 12 MONTH warranty!

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Maybe I'm missing something but the OP's deal doesn't look a particularly high pspec machine at all. Certainly not one worth over £400.

You can get basically the same machine (except with a bigger hard drive) for £349.97 direct from Acer:…495
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