ACER Aspire S7-391 Ultrabook (White) - (13.3" 1080p IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 8) £483.98 @ PC World / Currys

ACER Aspire S7-391 Ultrabook (White) - (13.3" 1080p IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 8) £483.98 @ PC World / Currys

Found 18th Jul 2013
Seems like a great laptop for the money, featuring a 3rd gen i5 processor ("cold not Haswell" I know), 128GB SSD, 1080p IPS multitouch screen and backlit keyboard. However, reviews state that the battery life lets it down with the average test getting around only 4hrs from a charge (although it is possible to get an odd-looking external battery from Acer for £122 which apparently boosts that to 9hrs).

To get this price you have to go through the checkout until the Order Summary page which then takes 20% off the price to give a total of £483.98.

Edit: Also available at Curry's. (Tejstar)
1.5% Quidco (The_Hoff)
3% TCB (voyager7)

External battery:…600
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This is going to get SUPER hot!! long as it stays in stock for long enough,,,
Torn between this now and the Samsung S7 I was going to buy tomorrow! Argh!
The battery is a let down on this, other specs is fine but how much of a margin diff will Haswell make when they release the next generation S7?
i wish i needed one looks so tempting must resist lol!
comes up at 604£???
I have the s5. Absolutely amazing machine for the standard user

comes up at 604£???

read op final price @ checkout
Does anyone have this laptop and could comment on what it's like? Very tempted as I'll need a laptop for next year at uni and this seems to meet all my needs (bar gaming).

Reckon I should pick it up or wait?

Does anyone have this laptop and could comment on what it's like? Very … Does anyone have this laptop and could comment on what it's like? Very tempted as I'll need a laptop for next year at uni and this seems to meet all my needs (bar gaming).Reckon I should pick it up or wait?

Get this, or a macbook for uni.
The build quality is absolutely immense, for under 500, not haswell I know, but very very good price. Buy buy buy!
ignore my comment... hot price

For that money it's a STEAL, Haswell or not. Thanks op!
"Not Haswell".
Thanks OP, was looking at the HP Ultrabook for £315 to replace my 15 year old clogger. The specs on this though look great (Full HD touch screen, SSD etc) so have ordered it!

Had a play on an Acer S3 today in PCW and they're beautiful machines. A quick look at reviews suggest average battery life (4-ish hours), possible (maybe isolated) wifi issues, webcam not great in low light and a badly placed power button... But hey-ho, I'll chance it at this price.

Get this, or a macbook for uni.

what double the price ? and thats with student discount.
Is it as noisy as S3?
1.5% Quidco too FWIW.
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I was considering this when I saw it in store last week in Chelmsford , a beautifully made machine and it was priced at £749 - 20% (so £600) and I only walked away as it was an ex display one, at this price, I can't resit and -3% TCB too!!!

This and an iPhone 5 in one night! LOL
Thanks OP, ordered and collect Saturday from local branch.
I need one for uni next year as well and don't know whether to buy or risk waiting for something else. Hmm
showing OOS ?
something wrong with their site?
after submitting a credit card it does back to order summary and i have to enter details again and wont go through
fck pc world been trying to pay for an hour now oos
Still in stock, seems their payment system has crashed, try again after 9am.

My Quick has tracked (£6).

comes up at 604£???

Seems someone is too lazy to fully read the op and just read/saw the description


"Not Haswell".

No s**t Sherlock, thanks for pointing out something that's in the specs along with a couple/few people already having mentioned it before you posted the oh so helpful comment.
For those having trouble ordering from PC World, I just managed to successfully place an order for the same product at the same price on the Currys website.
Order has just gone through fine on PC World for me. This is perfect timing - I was looking for a new work laptop yesterday and this was one of the contenders, but I was looking at about £850 to buy it from a reputable shop.
lovely looking machine shame about the battery
It's back in stock, just checked
It was between this or the samsung series 7 a week ago.. For the price the acer wins but for everything else that samsung np740u3e wins hands down.
Keyboard getting some naff comments :-(
Nope pc world just won't let me give them my money
Keyboard is fine for me. Actually bought this having used my friends in the past.

Like everything else, if you're reading reviews, take note of the price point they're reviewing it at, the ones I read were based on a sale price of £1200. If that attracts 4/5 then at £500 I think you're looking at a winner.

The PC market is dying, fast, you only need to look at the forecasts and Intel's Q2. If it weren't for the Enterprise clients I'm pretty certain the writing would be firmly on the wall, to that end I suspect old stock will be massively discounted and Haswell will fit into the current price structure - not kept artificially high like in the past, but, we shall see!

Back on topic, if you're in the market, buy this. The build quality is Applesque all day long and if it's not your bag, return it :-)
Micro hdmi a bit annoying, it's nice that nearly everyone has a hdmi tv and hdmi cable now so plugging laptop in is easier than its ever been, an ultra portable isn't so portable if you have to carry around a bundle of adapters to connect it to anything!

Sony manages to get ethernet and vga and hdmi onto their ultraportables!
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So from reading reviews the 2 biggest complaints are noise and battery life.

I'll live with that though, not going to pay a few hundred quid more for a similar laptop which doesn't have those faults.
Why has this been expired?
Yeah it hasn't expired. Just brought one! Really good price!:) cheers op
Spoilt for me by being limited to 4GB of RAM, 3.5 hours typical battery life and to a lesser extent the poor port selection.
For 40 or 50 quid more they could have doubled the RAM and battery life without dramatically increasing the size or weight.
Another case of form over function and this obsession with size and weight over usability is dumb.
If those issues don’t bother you then this is a steal at this price.
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